As I ran through the forest I heard a faint sound. Like someone was whispering, Ch Ch Ch Ka Ka Ka

The air was warm, a breeze filled the spaces between the trees. A group of people passed through the camp trail. The signs on the trail read, Camp Crystal Lake.The woods were silent and barren, letting natures fullest beauty form. The leaves fell onto the sun lit ground. The silence was broken by a scream; all birds flew from the scene. The scream echoed in the woods like a gunshot. A glittering light was appearing and vanishing. The origin of the light was the sun reflecting off a machete. The machete was blood stained and it's holder gripping it fiercely. The great machete carrier had just taken another kill. The victim he dragged behind him was limp and armless. He stopped as is he heard someone shout his name. He turned to see another helpless victim; running for her life. He chased her through the twisting woods, with only one thing in mind. The victim lost her footing and tripped, the killer found her. He brought his machete down on her, blood sprayed everywhere. After the scene was over he disappeared into the woods. His name is Jason and this is his camp.

2 months later

The road was open, narrow but open. A car drove down it swerving from side to side. Inside were four kids,two high two drunk.

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