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Friday the 13th is the 2013 slasher horror film and remake of the 1980 horror film, friday the 13th. it stars lindsay lohan, virginia madsen, daryl sabara, emma roberts, megan fox, johnny simmons, max thieriot, jason lee, chloe moretz, mason cook, bob king, dakota fanning, zac efron and wayne knight.


in 1979, an 11 year old boy named jason voorhees [mason cook] drowns in the lake at a camp. then 2 years later in 1981, 2 counselors, barry [zac efron] and claudette [dakota fanning] sneak out to a cabin to have sex. while they are making out, a figure comes into the cabin with a spear and uses it to impale them both. thirty years later, in 2011, steve christy [jason lee] is re opening camp crystal lake with his counselors, alice hardy [lindsay lohan], bill [daryl sabara], brenda [emma roberts], marcie [megan fox], jack [johnny simmons], ned [max thieriot] and annie [chloe moretz]. annie decides to hitch-hike to the camp and is picked up by enos [wayne knight]. they pass crazy ralph [bob king], who warns them both about a curse at camp crystal lake but they ignore it. enos then drops her off after a while and she is picked up by another driver (seen offscreen). after they pass the camp crystal lake sign, annie tells her to stop, but she keeps driving. she finally jumps out of the car and the driver chases her into the woods. she finally loses the chaser and sees eno's corpse. the driver finally corners her and she is stabbed in her neck with a knife killing her. then crazy ralph comes to camp crystal lake and tells the counselors to get out, but everyone thinks he is crazy and tell him to leave. later jack and marcie have sex in a cabin and ned is watching "the blob" on tv. he goes into the kitchen to get some popcorn and the door opens. it is the person who killed annie. ned runs out of the cabin and goes to jack and marcie's cabin, but they left the door locked to have sex. the killer then slashes Ned's arms and tries to kill him with an ice pick. ned runs into the woods and the killer eventually catches up with him and uses the ice pick to stab him in the stomach. then the killer enters jack and marcie's cabin and grabs an axe. jack later goes to pour a drink for him and marcie and sees the killer, who slams the axe in his chest. then marcie is killed when she is stabbed in the forehead with the ice pick. that night brenda goes to see jack and marcie and finds them dead and screams. she tells bill and alice and they let her sleep in the cabin for the night. at night, brenda is watching tv when she hears a child's voice and she grabs a flashlight. she goes outside to investigate and wanders into the archery range. a figure rushes through the shadow and suddenly her throat is slashed by an unknown person. her body is pinned to a tree with arrows later. next, the killer kills steve christy by slashing his leg and running him over with his truck. the electricity then is cut by the killer and bill goes to the warehouse to fix the problem. when alice notices that bill does not return later, she puts on a jacket and goes outside. she finds a note on a tree which says "do you wanna die tonight, alice?" she panics and runs into the archery range where she finds brenda pinned to the tree with arrows. she runs to the warehouse to tell bill that brenda is dead, only to find him stabbed in the side of the throat with a knife. then she runs into mrs. pamela [virginia madsen] who comforts her and tells her to go into the cabin. inside the cabin, she tells alice about jason drowning at the camp and then says "it was all your fault". she pulls out a knife and tries to stab alice and she realizes pamela is the killer. she finds annie, enos and steve's corpses and runs to the warehouse. in a battle in the warehouse, alice throws pamela against the fuse box and she is badly electrocuted. she retreats to the lake thinking it is all over, and the next morning, the police come. suddenly pamela attacks her and they fight in the water where alice is badly injured. alice then grabs a spear sitting by the lake and impales pamela in the chest with it killing her. she is then rescued by the police and taken to a hospital.


  • lindsay lohan as alice hardy
  • virginia madsen as mrs. pamela voorhees
  • daryl sabara as bill
  • emma roberts as brenda
  • megan fox as marcie cunningham
  • johnny simmons as jack burrell
  • max thieriot as ned rubinstein
  • jason lee as steve christy
  • chloe moretz as annie
  • mason cook as jason voorhees (child)
  • bob king as crazy ralph
  • dakota fanning as claudette
  • zac efron as barry
  • wayne knight as enos


Barry- impaled with spear

Claudette- impaled with spear

Enos- eyes gouged out (offscreen)

Annie- stabbed in neck with knife

Ned Rubinstien- arms slashed, stabbed in stomach with ice pick

Jack Burrell- axe thrown into chest

Marcie Cunningham- stabbed in forehead with ice pick

Brenda- throat slashed, corpse pinned to tree with arrows

Steve Christy- leg slashed, run over with his truck

Bill- stabbed in side of throat with knife (offscreen)

Mrs. Pamela Voorhees- electrocuted on fuse box, impaled in chest with spear

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