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Friday the 13th Part 2 is a 2014 Horror film and is a sequel to the 2009 film. It is also a remake of the 1981 film. It stars Derek Mears, Amanda Righetti, Jared Padalecki, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Rory Culkin, Erik Knudsen, Brianna Evigan, Johnny Simmons, Elizabeth Gillies, Matt Cohen, Margo Harshman, Miranda cosgrove, Bob King, and Travis Davis.


After the last massacre, Jason Voorhees killed Whitney and Clay. 1 year later, a group of teenagers decided to go to Crystal Lake to prove that it's not cursed. However, they're wrong, as Jason begins to stalk them down. Will anyone escape?


The Film begins where it left off, and Jason grabs Whitney and, using his machete, slits her throat. Clay grabs a tree branch and knocks Jason unconscious and runs to a cabin and tries to call for help, but Jason cuts the wires. He suddenly grabs clay through the cabin wall and holds him, and uses his other hand to impale Clay in the head with the machete. Then afterwards, the title comes up, formed with smeared blood.

One year later, on Friday the 13th, eight teenagers drive to Camp Crystal Lake, after their friends told them that crystal lake is cursed, and they are trying to prove them wrong. The teenagers consist of Wendy (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), her party-goer boyfriend James (Rory Culkin), James' video blogger friend Peter (Erik Knudsen), innocent sexy girl Brianna (Brianna Evigan), easily drunk guy Alexander (Johnny Simmons), bad girl Annabelle (Elizabeth Gillies), girl lover Ben (Matt Cohen), and bossy girl Amber (Margo Harshman). Along the way, they run into a hitchhiker, Zoey (Miranda Cosgrove), who is going to be a camp counselor for a group of counselors arriving next week. They run into Mr. Garikes from the last film, who is now gone crazy, and tries to warn them about Jason. They just diss him and Officer Lund arrests him for being crazy. As they drive down to the lake, Jason watches them from behind a tree.

At the police office, Mr. Garikes manages to escape from his cell, and Officer Lund wrestles him to get him back in. Just then, Jason breaks down the glass door with his machete and makes his way to the fighting duo, and uses the machete to impale officer Lund, similar to Jenna's death from the predecessor. Mr. Garikes backs up in fear, but Jason decapitates him with the machete. Meanwhile at the camp, they settle down and Ben tries to seduce Anber but it doesn't work. He wanders into the woods in anger and walks for a while until he realizes he's lost. He tries to find his way back but is grabbed by Jason and pulled against a tree. He screams and gets impaled in the mouth with the machete.

Meanwhile, Wendy, James, and Zoey wander into the woods to try and find Ben, and see his dead body slumped against the tree. They scream and run back, but Jason attacks them and viciously stabs James in the chest with a butcher knife. Wendy shoots Jason, luckily in the chest several times and he collapses, and Wendy takes James and he goes back to the cabin to rest his wounds, while Wendy calls an ambulance. As the ambulance arrives and takes him away, Alexander manages to seduce Annabelle into having naked sex in bed. As they have sex, Jason, still alive, kills Amber who is sitting mumbling angry things to herself. He makes his way upstairs and sees Alexander and Annabelle still having sex, and realizing Jason is watching them, they scream and back up. Jason throws the butcher knife at Alexander and it impales his head. Then he grabs Annabelle, and despite her crying screams, throws her out of the cabin window, and she falls 2 stories to her death.

The remainders, Wendy, Peter, Brianna, and Zoey try to figure out where everyone went, when Brianna falls inside an underground tunnel. They go into the underground tunnel too and walk around with flashlights. They make their way to a tiny room, which they say must be Jason's lair. They turn and see jason dragging Alexander, amber, and Annabelle's bodies, and they run into the lair and hide. They watch as Jason disposes the bodies and begins to walk away. Peter however steps on a branch causing jason to turn and see him. He begs jason to let him live, but he grabs him and impales him on a hook on the wall. Wendy grabs an axe and stabs Jason's back and causes grayish matter, instead of blood spill out. Keeping her urge to throw up in, she continues to attack Jason, and tells them to run. However, Zoey stays back and shoots Jason in the arm with a shotgun, causing him to drop Wendy. However, he grabs the axe she had, and swings it at Zoey impaling her throat. Wendy stumbles to her feet and runs, despite her sadness for Zoey.

As she and Brianna get back above ground, they see officer Lund, still alive, but soaked in blood, arriving and jason comes out from the tunnel and sees officer Lund. he is about to shoot jason when he is stabbed in the stomach and drops his gun. Jason then shoots him in the head with it. Brianna grabs a pitchfork and stabs Jason's stomach with it, while Wendy runs to the shed where Chewie was killed, and grabs a flare gun. She fires it at Jason causing him to get burned. Brianna grabs gasoline and pours it all over Jason and causes jason to burn even more. Wendy then finishes him by stabbing his chest with his own machete, causing him to stumble backwards into the lake, cooling down the flames and revealing him to be dangerously burned. They then collapse from exhaustion and are taken to the hospital where they reunite with James.

The film ends with a zoom up on Jason's burned body.


Derek Mears as Jason Voorhees

Amanda Righetti as Whitney Miller

Jared Padalecki as Clay Miller

Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Wendy

Rory Culkin as James

Erik Knudsen as Peter

Brianna Evigan as Brianna

Johnny Simmons as Alexander

Elizabeth Gillies as Annabelle

Matt Cohen as Ben

Margo Harshman as Amber

Miranda Cosgrove as Zoey

Bob King as Mr. Garikes

Travis Davis as Officer Lund


Whitney Miller-Throat slit with machete

Clay Miller-Impaled in head with machete

Mr. Garikes-Decapitated

Ben-Stabbed through the mouth

Amber-Stabbed through the stomach repeatedly with a butcher knife and body thrown through TV screen

Alexander-Stabbed through head with butcher knife

Annabelle-Thrown out window

Peter-Impaled in the back on a hook

Briana-Stabbed in throat with axe

Officer Lund-Impaled with machete, stabbed in stomach and shot in forehead with gun

Jason Voorhees?-Heavily mutilated and burned by Wendy and Brianna





Jason Voorhees?


Three sequels are in production: Friday The 13th Part 3: Jason's Revenge, Friday The 13th Part 4: Blood-Bath, and Friday The 13th Part 5: The Final Chapter.

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