Friend's Horror is an horror episode in the Friend's series.The Plot is about an ailen invasion.The gang try to survive by hideing out in Monica's apartment,But can they face the horror's when Chandler falls ill.


Ross wakes up and go's to lunch with Rachel.When they talk,They miss the report on an plane crashing into the staute of liberty.When they get to Monica's,They all go out to central park and enjoy the scenery.Then,An unfo crashes into the pond and the gang run into central perk.

Gunther says to them that his neice was supposed to turn up.She turns up but an ailen kills her and then gunther.He injures Chandler but they manage to escape to Monica's place.They barricade the place and Rachel go's in shock.

An ailen attacks Joey and Monica and Pheobe traps it in an closet.It screams and millions of ailens try to get in the apartment.They run to the spare bedroom with Chandler.Then,An saw apears and they are horrified that it is cutting through.An ailen apears and grabs Monica.It is the one that injured Chandler.It drops Monica to the ground.Ross asks what happend to her and then the saw craks his skull.

Rachel go's in shock and Joey and Pheobe try to protect her and Chandler.Pheobe is pulled in among the horde.Chandler is stabbed in the neck with an butcher knife.He is then chucked down the ground along with Monica.Rachel and Joey try to run away but are killed.

Rachel wakes up and they are trapped in the bedroom.They go out and rush to central perk.They leave Chandler but lock him for his own safety.When they are down there,An ailen atacks them but Ross finds their weekness,Damage their neck.

At midnight,The ailens try and find an way in.Monica and Joey are in the kitchen and suddenly are killed by an ailen.Rachel discovers the bodys and Ross has an hatred of the ailens.He opens the doors and attacks them.He is overpowered and Rachel and Pheobe find an basement.They go up the elevator and turn up at Pheobe's apartment.They grab knifes to defend theirself.

Rachel and Pheobe then go and find Chandler.He is possessed by an ailen and Rachel disocvers that Pheobe was working with them all along.Pheobe wanted to be reincarnated so she can destory the world.She chokes Rachel,But an very injured and dying Chandler kills her.The ailens then suddenly stop and return to their planet.Rachel cries as Chandler does not wake up.

One year later,Rachel and Chandler are married.Rachel is still haunted by the past but is recorviring.She finds an note by Pheobe.It says that no matter what,She tried to stop her feelings from getting out of control.Rachel looks out the window,But an ailen looks at her,Smileing.

Alternate ending

The ailen smahes the window and pulls Rachel out.Chandler looks in and does not see Pheobe behind him.He turns around and is killed by her.He and Rachel are then seen dumped into the sea.

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