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Friends Alternate Season Two is an alternate version.Rachel struggles for her feelings for Ross,While Chandler has an major crush,On Phoebe.

The One Where Rachel RunsEdit

Airport:Ross and Julie are coming out of the plane and Rachel sees.

Rachel: Oh no

Rachel trys to run,But trips over an suitcase,Leaveing the flowers behind.

Ross: Julie,They will like you.Rachel would too.

Julie: Really

Ross: Yeah

Rachel runs out of the airport.

Monica and Rachel's apartment: Phoebe is making an sandwhich while Monica is washing the dishes.

Monica: You want to put the tomato's on top

Phoebe: Mon,You want to do that

Rachel bursts in

Monica: Rach,Where's Ross

Rachel: Airport

Phoebe: The ant people

Monica: What

Rachel: Ross,Girl,Chandler's fault

Phoebe: What

Chandler enters with an grin on his face

Chandler: I've won an cat

Cat enters

Rachel: You

Chandler: What

Rachel: You,Liar

Chandler: What

Just then,Ross and Julie enter

Ross: Hey,This is Julie everyone

Monica: Oh

Chandler: Oh

Phoebe: Oh

Ross: I'm going back to bed with Julie

Ross and Julie leaves

Monica: I'm sorry,Rach

Cormercial break,Joey and Chandler's apartment: Joey is eating Pizza and Chandler enters

Chandler: Hey Joey

Joey: Hey Jessie

Chandler: Who

Joey: Girlfriend

Chandler: Want to see the chan chan man

Chandler lifts up cat

Joey: I hate cats

Chandler: What

Joey: I hate cats

Chandler: Well,Who cares

Rachel and Monica's apartment: Rachel and Julie are there

Rachel: Julie

Julie: yeah

Rachel: Ross,Likes you

Julie: I know,Isn't he great

Rachel: Yeah,Yeah he is.

Closeing credits The friends are danceing in the fountain

The One With The Locked ApartmentEdit

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