Friends. Shows how the friends had their kids which would run for two generations.

Ross and Rachel Geller

Children: Emma, Steve, Lily and Summer.

Emma's children: Rachel, Brian, Laurie and Penelope.

Steve's children: Ross, Alan, Steve, and Rebecca.

Lily's children: Emma, Vera, Phoebe and Michelle.

Chandler and Monica Bing

Children: Jack, Erica, Daniel and Mona.

Erica's children: Carl and Jessica

Daniel's children: Andrew, Monica, Frank and Audrey

Mike and Phoebe Hannigan

Children: Robert, Anna, Bianca, Danny, Joni and Dawn.

Robert's children: Robert, Mike, Neil, Sarah and Luna

Anna's children: Harry

Bianca's children: Janet, Alisha, Harley, Michael and Thomas

Joni's children: Lauren and Megan

Joey and Alex Tribbiani

Children: Joey, Dina, Gina, Michael, James, Nicole, Jennifer, Courtney and Lisa

Joey's children: Cookie and Veronica

Dina: Matt, Matthew and David

James: Alex, Gunther and Roberta

Nicole: Summer, Monica and Rachel

Courtney: Coco, Manny and Garry

Lisa: Susan, Fred, Ginerva and Lisa

What Happened to The Original FriendsEdit

Ross found out he had cancer and passed away. Emma managaed to make Rachel move in with her, her husband and children. Rachel passed away to be reunited with her true love.

Chandler and Monica died on christmas eve, car crash. It was revealed Monica was pregnant, and everyone was deeply devastated.

Phoebe divorced Mike when she found him cheating on her. With her children, they moved to Japan. She accidently drowned in her own swimming pool.

Joey and Alex moved back to Los Angelas after what happened with Monica and Chandler. Alex left when she relised she didn't love Joey any more, and wanting to be with his friends again, commited suicide.

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