Friends Season Eleven is the new season of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. It follows Monica and Chandler moving back to their apartment, Ross and Rachel split up over fighting and Phoebe's divorce from Mike, While Joey is in love with Jane, An new resident.

The One With The DVD

"Maybe we should move", Monica said to Chandler as she drank her orange juice. "I know, I miss the others and Mike", Chandler said as he flicked through the chanels.

"Look, Isn't that Janice", Monica pointed out the window. Chandler looked outside and sure enough, There was Janice wandering about. "Oh my god", Chandler and Monica said at the same time.

Opening credits.

Rachel and Ross are kissing when the doorbell rang. "Wonder who it is", Rachel said as she walked to the door and opened it. There was Amy holding an DVD case.

"Hello, Sis", Rachel was shocked to her very core that the sister she fought with on thanksgiving was right on their doorstep. "Rachel and Garry", Amy pointed to Ross. "I need help with this", She explained.

"Help, How", Rachel asked Amy. "Well, Everytime i put this on, I see a video of one of your friends, Emma, Giving birth", She walked right up to the television and put out an case of dvd.

"Oh my god, Phoebe is giving birth", Ross and Rache gasped. Then the video changed and there was Joey singing his own song. "I'M AN ACTER, WOO WOO WOO, I THINK PHOEBE AND MIKE ARE HOT WOOO", Joey started screaming. "Oh my god", Rachel and Ross cried out.

Meanwhile, Phoebe,Mike and Joey are seen in Joey's apartment. "Lisiten, I don't give an rats ass you are not going to that candy store", Phoebe was yelling at Mike.

"Why, What has it done to you", Mike was shocked at the behaviour of Phoebe. "Well, Lets see. It was the last store more to be continued.

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