Fuel, Blood is the second episode of the second season of Hunters (TV series). It features the return of Doomheart, resurrected by X'arn in a demonic deal to capture Jess.

Plot Summary

Stressed, the hunters decide to take a break at Mt. Logan, but when Doomheart returns and kidnaps Jess in the night, it turns into a nightmare. Dan, hating the vampire, takes the others and finds Doomheart in a nearby cave. Will is armed with a stake and other weapons, and when Dan distracts the vampire he impales him with a stake. Doomheart seems unaffected, and shows the hunters the scar they left him from slaying him the first time. He then summons other vampires, those he has fed on earlier, and orders them to kill the hunters. He escapes with Jess, but his acolytes are quickly slain and the hunters pursue after him. They soon catch up with him and ambush him. Dan stakes him, and then Lee presses a crucifix to his forehead and burns it in. Doomheart releases Jess and is destroyed once more.

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