Name: Fuma Kagami

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Relatives: Dark Kagami (Twin Brother), Light Yagami (Father), C.C (Mother), Mr. Matsuda (Cousin)

Occupation: Chosen Keyblade Master, Nobodies Peacemaker, Librarian

Grade: 10th


Fuma is Dark's twin brother. She was born a day early than him. Fuma appeared in Episode 6 when a Blob Nobody led Dark, Alice and Kitty to her. Afterwards she began to attend and live at Ashford Academy again. She lives alone in a dorm with her Nobody partner Persia. She believes that Nobodies should be left alone and that it is the Keyblade masters that are the enemies. After she tried to burn down Ashford Academy, she ran away and was taken into care of a nobody. But that nobody was killed by Kairi Megumi.



Keyblade - Redemption


Redemption is Kairi's keyblade. Redemption has the ability to unlock the truth in people's heart.


Fuma has two neass abilities. In her red eye, it allows her to speak to nobodies. In her blue eye, it lets her control and create shadows.


Nirvash typetheEND


Portal is Fuma's knightmare. It can slide out long claws that allows it to climb or slice something in half. It can also create portals using energy.

New Look: 7226
After getting attacked by Dark, Fuma's hair has hacked up and she decided to cut it short. But this seems to have transformed her since she has a closer bond to Dark.

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