Future, Friends Fanfiction. In the future, the friends kids are 13 to 15. Emma is pregnant, Erica falls in love with Mike Jr. and Jack falls in love with Steve. Warning, Offensive launguage and sex scenes.


Ross and Rachel had kids called Emma, Janet and Steve(Who are twins). Monica and Chandler have Erica and Jack and gave birth to Vera. Phoebe and Mike have Sophie, Mike Jr, Brian and Lisa. Joey has an wife named Laura and have an child named Joey Jr.

Chapter One, Emma's Wake Up

Emma woke up and immediatly regretted drinking last night. She and Erica had sneaked into an party and gotten drunk. The last thing she remembered was kissing Jason, an boy in her school.

She turned around and gasped. There was Jason, snoring. I had sex, Mom and Dad are going to kill me. Emma quickly got out of the bed and started to get dressed.

She sneaked out and relised it was four o'clock in the morning. She had told Rachel and Ross that she was having an sleap over with an friend along with Erica.

Meanwhile, Rachel tossed and turned in her sleap. There was something that bugged her. Emma would always text her goodnight on the phone when sleaping at an friends place.

Emma walked to the local playground and waited for eight o'clock. She then phoned Erica.

"Are you home", Emma asked. "Yeah, we were you. I tried to get hold of you", Erica was hiding under her bed covers, whispering.

"Well, I'm coming home", Emma hanged up and walked to her house. She opened the front door and saw Steve playing the playstaion three.

"Bad night", he asked. "Yeah, pretty much", Emma sat next to him and watched him play The Sims 3. "You hate this game", Emma moaned.

"Well, I've got pretty good at it", Steve focused on his sim. "Where's Mom and Dad", Emma asked. "Dad's asleap, Mom is cooking", Rachel had become quite an good cook since they moved to the surburbs.

"Anyway, I'm going to bed. Tell Mom", Emma collapsed onto the bed and fell into a long deep sleap, unaware of the horror she was about to face.

Chapter Two, Bing House

Phoebe looked at the bing house and smiled. She saw Chandler through the window playing beek a boo with Vera. Vera was only three, and Monica was surprised she managed to make an child of her own.

Phoebe looked behind her and saw her children, Mike Jr. and Sophie. Sophie was the eldest and the one who believed Phoebe's storys.

Mike Jr., however, was smart and funny, and dated about ten girls a day.

Phoebe knocked on the door and opened the door. "Mike, Sophie", Erica screamed in excitment and gave both of them an hug.

"So nice to meet you", Erica quickly ran up stairs along with Mike Jr. and Sophie. "Hello Phoebe", Monica smiled and hugged. "How is Chandler", Phoebe asked. "Good, What about Mike", Monica asked.

"Not good. We went to the doctors, and we found out, he has cancer", Phoebe let out an small tear. "No", Monica and Phoebe hugged and Chandler walked in the living room.

"What's going on", He asked. "Mike has got cancer", Monica said as Phoebe struggled to say the words.

Meanwhile, Erica and Mike Jr. were sharing the computer chair chatting with friends, while Sophie watched the television. Just then, Jack walked in. "Hey children", he remarked and sat next to Sophie.

Erica had blonde hair from her real mother, but had the eyes of Monica, strangely enough. Jack had gotten Chandler's jokes in an also weird way but their adoptive parents decided to be grateful.

"Emma had sex with Jason Tall", Erica whispered to the three. "What", Mike Jr. and Jacks said in unison. Sophie didn't seem to care. "So what, I have sex all the time", They all looked at her in horror but she never looked into their eyes.

"I'm going to kill him", Jack got up but Mike Jr. and Erica managed to stop him storming out of the room. "Look, This is Emma's buisness. We shouldn't me meddling in", Miek Jr. reasoned Jack.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Monica and Chandler were trying to make Phoebe happy, as she was pregnant and Mike was to die soon.

Three, Park

Jack and Steve met up at the park in 12 o'clock. They chatted about their football team, games and what happened in school.

"Did you hear what Emma done", Mike Jr. asked Steve. "What", he asked. "She had sex with Jason Tall", Jack was horrified when Steve stood up and seemed to be raging.

Jack held Steve back. "Lisiten, we could do this at school. Today is not the right day", Mike Jr. convinced Steve. He had done the exact same thing as he done.

"I hate that guy", Steve said as he sat on the swings. Strangely enough, the whole park was empty.

"I know", Jack looked at the birds in the sky. Befour he knew it, Steve kissed his cheek. "What was that", Jack. asked in horror. "You can't hide it anymore. I saw your diary. You are in love with me", and befour the boys knew it, they kissed on the lips.

"Lisiten, lets go to the old hideout", Jack followed Steve. When they were young, the kids all hid out in the woods at an hangout. However, they stopped when Emma set the shed in fire in an rage when she found out Erica made out with her boyfriend. They never told their parents.

They saw the burnt out shed. However, it was a good place to hide. "In", The two lovers ran in and shut the door.

They started to make out and Jack undid Steve's trousers. Steve helped him pull down his boxers and Jack stared at the long and hard cock. "Fuck me", Jack remarked and opened his mouth and sucked the cock.

Two hours later, Jack and Steve were cuddled next to each other, naked. It was an cold day, but with them cuddling, they felt warm. "I love you", Jack kissed the back of Steve's neck. "I love you".

Four, Pregnancy Test

It was an month since she had sex with Jason. She was sick a couple of times since and wondered if she was pregnant. She would be in deep shit if that was ture.

Emma went to the clinc and relised she needed an adult to get the pregnanct test. Just then, she saw Ben, her elder brother with his wife, Kate.

"Hey, Ben", Emma smiled. "Oh shoot, my parents need me. See you", Kate said as she looked at the phone and walked away. "Ben, can you promise not to tell Dad or Mom", Emma begged. "What, Em", he asked.

"I might be pregnant", Ben sighed as he heard this. "I need an pregnancy test to make sure", was all she said after she explained everything.

"Since you are my little sister, i will protect you. I will get the test. But where does Jason live", Ben said. "I don't know", Emma gave Ben the money and he bought an test/

"Public bathroom. Now promise don't do anything stupid like this again", Ben walked off. Emma had expected him to go in an rage, but he didn't. She loved Ben as an full brother, not an half.

Emma went to the pregnancy test and she locked the stall. Now was the results. After peeing on the stick and waiting thirty seconds, she looked at the test. She was pregnant.

Emma bursted out crying. Her worst nightmare was beginning.

Five, Erica and Mike Jr. Kiss

Erica and Mike Jr. were sitting in the latters bedroom, doing their homework.

"Mike", Erica said. "What", he looked up. "Don't you remember the hideout", Mike Jr. smiled of the thought. "Yeah". When the shed caught on fire, Mike Jr. and Jack managed to save an trapped Erica and Emma. They never told their parents about the hideout or about the flames.

"Don't you remember when we played spin the bottle", Mike Jr. said. Every time they played the game, Mike Jr. always kissed Erica, and she always kissed Mike Jr.

"I need to tell you something", Erica looked up as Mike sat next to her. "What", she asked.

"I'm in love with you", Erica's world shattered apart. "I can't. We are friends. If we do this and break up, we will lose our friendship", Mike cut her off befour she could continue.

"Who says we have to break up", and Erica let Mike kiss her. It wasn't long befour she kissed him back.

Befour they knew it, they locked the door and put the music on the tv up. They quickly undressed each other and made love to each other. Mike Jr. sucked Erica's left breast and Erica moaned.

An half an hour later, an naked Mike Jr. sat on the bed and ordered Erica to go down the floor. She crawled down and relised he was ordering her to suck his dick. She did, and swallowed his cum, relising it was the best thing she ever tasted. She wanted to be with Mike Jr., forever.

Six, Jack and Steve's Lesson

The next day, Jack and Steve went back to the hideout. They looked at each other and Jack gasped. "What", Steve asked. "We are cousins, we can't be doing this", Jack looked away. "It doesn't matter. What matters is that we love each other", This convinced Jack and he kissed him.

They quickly undressed Steve decided to suck Jack's cock. After Jack cummed, Steve relised they needed to take it more, rough.

"Look, We need to do anal", and Steve ordered Jack to put his hands on the floor. Jack did and Steve slowly targeted his cock to the anal. He put the cock in and they got it on, rough.

Jack kept yelling Steve's name while Steve put his hands up in the air and shouted, "You are my sex slave now, bitch"

Steve looked up and gasped at what he saw. Vera was looking at them in shock. "Oh my god", she screamed. Jack looked up and relised he was in deep shit now. Steve quickly got out of his sexual position and ran out of the shed, naked.

"Ew", Vera looked away. "Lisiten, we are in love. You can't tell anyone", Steve hoped he could slip away from this now.

"Fine, but get some clothes on. But you two are cousins", Vera said. "Actually i need to tell you something", Jack said. "What", Steve and Vera said in Unison. "Mom and dad told me and Erica we are adopted", Steve and Vera gasped.

"Please say something", Jack looked at them. "Well that explains you and Erica's blonde hair", Steve said. "Well, atleast this love affair isn't incest. I better get going", she was about to walk away when Steve grabbed onto her.

"Why were you going to the old hideout anyway", He asked. "I've got problams of my own. I overheard Mom and Dad and Aunt Phoebe talk. Uncle Mike has got lung cancer.

Seven, Rachel Knows

Rachel started cleaning the house, an habbit she got from Monica. She heard crying coming from Emma's room.

"Sweetie, what's the matter", Rachel asked Emma, who was siiting in her bed. "I can't tell you", She sobbed harder. "Tell me", Rachel hugged her eldest daughter. "I'm pregnant".

The words slapped Rachel right on the face. "What", was all she could whispered. "I cried when i found ou-", Emma was cut off by Rachel. "Who is the father". "Jason Tall".

Rachel looked at her daughter. "Sweetie, there is nothing to ashamed of. You shouldn't have sleapt with him no. Do you want an abortion, raise the child or give the child up for adoption", Rachel knew it sounded cruel of the first and last suggestion.

"I can't do that. I will raise the child, as long as Dad is okay", Emma hugged Rachel and sobbed harder. "He will".

Rachel knew Ross will go nuts, but will look after the child along with them all. The Geller Green family were growing as the other friends familys. Rachel told Emma to get some sleap and walked downstairs.

She looked outside the window and cried. There was Monica, walking her dog. She and Chandler had gotten an new dog when Vera was only three. The dog was in it's last days, and the whole Bing family were upset.

"Life goes on, and new life grow".

Eight, Caught in Bed

Erica and Mike Jr. continued their relationship through a couple of weeks. It had gotten to the summer and they went over to Erica's room to have sex. When they turned on the music and locked the door, they ran to the bed.

They quickly got undressed and kissed each other. They collapsed onto the bed and Erica licked Mike Jr.'s chest, which made Mike Jr. shiver.

When they got under the covers, they heard the door opening. Erica's door sometimes opened, even if it was locked. The two stared at each other in shock and Erica slowly managed to get Mike Jr.s cock out of her mouth.

Chandler grabbed onto the covers and pulled them out. He gasped when he saw Mike Jr. and Erica naked.

"ERICA", Monica heard Chandler roar. She quickly ran upstairs and saw what was happening. "Oh my god", she covered her mouth in horror. "Please, we can explain", Erica begged.

"EXPLAIN, YOU SHOULDN'T BE FUCKING EACH OTHER IN THE FIRST PLACE", Chandler roared. "Well Emma done it", Erica calmly said. She would not show it, but she was frightened.

Mike Jr. was in shock. His Mom and Dad were going to find out. That was Hell coming to the world.

"Dear, it's not their fault. As long as Erica is not pregnant and don't have sex, it's okay", Erica and Mike Jr. looked at each other. They might get out of the hook, but might never have sex again.

"Fine, but no sex", Chandler stormed out of the room. Monica soon followed after him.

Nine, Steve and Jack holding hands

Steve and Jack were over at the Geller house. Emma was sleaping on the couch and Rachel was with Janet shopping for clothes.

"Wanna fuck", Jack grinned as his lover whispered. "I'm all horny", Jack responded and the two ran to Steve's bedroom. They locked the door and Steve pushed Jack to his bed.

"Undo your trousers", Steve said and Jack quickly did. Steve pulled down his boxers and an big hard cock shot up.

"Suck like you have never sucked befour", Jack said and Steve knelt down and started to suck. Jack cummed and Steve quickly swallowed. After the last of his cum, Jack stroked Steve's ginger hair. Steve was the only ginger in the Geller family.

Steve looked up and kissed Jack. Jack fell down and Steve put off all his clothes in under ten seconds. Steve then licked his six pack all the way top and then kissed Jack's lips.

Jack then rolled over Steve and then he got the treat. Steve cummed befour Jack could suck the cock, making an big mess on the floor. The lovers didn't care.

Meanwhile, Emma walked upstairs and heard moaning. She picked the spare key from her pocket and opened the door. To her horror, she saw Jack sucking Steve's cock.

"Oh my god", she whispered. Jack didn't hear and continued to suck while Steve looked at her in horror. Emma then knocked on the door to alert Jack's attention.

"Explain", was all she said. Her family was falling apart. "We are lovers. Jack and Erica are adopted so we are not related", Steve explained. Emma looked at them. "Tell Mom and Dad. Because I'm going to tell Dad i'm pregnant. This is the worst year for them in their lifes.

Ten, Telling

Emma, Steve and Jack sat in the dining table, waiting for Rachel and Ross. They were in silence. "So Mom knows", Steve said to Emma. "Yeah", she kept looking at the clock.

Just then, Rachel and Ross walked into the kitchen. "What is this about", Rachel asked. "Yeah", the two of them sat down. "Well, we have something to tell you", Emma said

"I'm pregnant", Emma announced. "WHAT", Ross shouted. "And we are lovers", Steve shouted and pointed at him and Jack. "WHAT", Ross and Rachel shouted in unison.

"I know you were going to be like this", Emma screamed and ran to the cuboard. "EMMA", Rachel screamed as Emma grabbed onto the gasoline can. "I'm putting an end", She screamed and she poured it all over the table.

Jack and Steve fell down and Rachel screamed. Ross ran up to Emma and tried to pull her away.

"NOOO", Emma screamed and grabbed onto the lighter she had stolen. She quickly lit it and threw it into the gasoline. The fire bursted into flames and Ross tripped. "AHHH", He screamed as the flames catched onto him.

Rachel ran to Steve and Jack and tried to pull them up. Befour they knew it, the flames covered the back door. Emma watched in horror as she saw her own father die.

She quickly got up and then felt the baby kicking. It was all the baby's fault, Emma suddenly thought. Just then, the flames exploded and caught on the lounge.

Rachel, Steve and Jack managed to get to the lounge and ran to the front door. However, the top floor collasped onto Steve and Rachel. Jack escaped the house and looked on in horror as the Geller house was in flames.

Emma saw what had happened and screamed. Just then, she turned around and heard screaming coming upstairs. Janet was up top. Emma quickly grabbed an blanket and pulled it on top of her.

She ran up the stairs which was on fire. When she reached the top, she threw the blanket away.

Emma reached Janet's bedroom and relised half of the floor was missing and looked down. The floor had fallen on Steve and Rachel.

She looked up and saw Janet cuddled on the cornor. She was crying and looked up. "You did this", she screamed. Just then, an explosion ripped through the house. Janet fell down and broke her leg.

Emma turned around and saw an window. She quickly ran up to it and cried when she relised she couldn't get out. "HELP", She screamed. She saw Jack running to the Bing house.

Emma grabbed onto the vase on the table and started to hit the window. The window smashed and Emma screamed out to the street. "HELP", However, another explosion roared and the floor collapsed with Emma on it.

Eleven, Hitting The Brick

The top floor had buried the bottom, leaveing Rachel, Janet, Steve and Emma helpless.

Emma woke up covered in ash and saw Steve injured. "Your fault", She whispered and she grabbed onto the brick next to her. She then hit Steve right on the head. He died without relising it.

Rachel woke up and saw Emma hitting Steve endlessly with the brick. She is insane. Rachel quietly crawled back. What happened to Emma, the one who she sang Baby got back to.

Emma turned around when she heard an noise and saw Rachel. Emma crawled to her, brick in hand. Rachel tried to crawl back, crying. "Please, Think of the baby", Rachel whispered.

"It was the baby's fault, BITCH", She screamed and slapped Rachel on the head with the brick.

Meanwhile, The street tried to find any survivors, but the house was that destroyed no one was seen or heard. Jack told Chandler and Monica about his love, about Emma and how she set the house on fire.

Janet woke up and tried to scream when she reliesed the bathtub on to top of her. Janet tried to push it up, but couldn't. She was going to die. Because of Emma and her baby.

Janet then heard Emma screaming Bitch over and over again. Emma was going to kill her next. She had killed everyone in the family.

It was two hours and people finaly found her. They had found Emma killing Rachel, and she managed to kill Jack befour getting arrested. She had lost the baby.

Twelve, Future

Janet faked her name in fear Emma was relased, and had twins, naming them Ross and Steve.

Mike Jr.and Erica got married, and had children, Lily, Rachel, Steve and Jack.

Mike died of Lung cancer, and Phoebe killed herself.

Brian and Lisa become close after Mike and Phoebe died, and revealed they were in an incest relationship. However, they received all surport from family and friends, and Lisa gave birth to baby Summer.

Monica and Chandler were upset and consoled by Erica and Vera. Monica became insane and Chandler become 'lost'.

Vera visited Laura, Joey and Joey Jr. Laura died of cancer, and Joey simply put himself in an retirement home. Joey Sr. fell in love with Vera and had twins Joey Jr. Jr. and Erica Jr.

The friends died an awful fate, all because Emma's mistake of having sex.

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