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The G9 Division who have also been referred to and identified under the name G Force-9 Division are a group of highly advanced high speed enforcerment police officers who have been promoteed to such a high medal that they are considered completely beyond the abilities and classess of other members of the agency.The G9 division are currently serving as a pre-release online "clan" who are intended to be in the upcoming videogame Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2010.The G9 division are comprised of only the most skilled and reliable drivers on the force,and are said to be the sheer antithesis to "The Blacklist".

Members of G9

First Squad - Captain Commander

Title: G9 - "Eclipse"

Name: Jordan Shepard

Personality: Years of hard labor and being enthroned within the darkest recessess of the crime world have made shepard bitter,cold,and calcuating,however,he posessess an extremely high protectiveness of his fellow officers.

Appearance: Shepard wears a uniform which is high similar to that of a SWAT officers gear,only being more form fitting.He has a grim scar over one eye,which he got from a bad crash while pursuing a racer.

Pursuit Quotes: "Captain Commander Jordan Shepard,G9 Eclipse entering pursuit"."All units fall back....this one is mine"."Dont blink...dont hold back,keep your foot hammered to the floor,and dont hesitate...because the moment you do,i will have already taken you're sorry ass down"."Tch...just another punk huh?,too bad,i thought you'd be of some worth to chase....give this trash a nice cell....G9 eclipse,disbanding pursuit".

Unit in Running: Koenigsegg CCX Super Turbo Custom.(Out of Commission - totaled in Pursuit).G9 Laborghini Reventon Lunar Revenge Enforcement Racer.

First Squad - Commanding Vice Captain

Title: G9 - "Assault"

Name: Rick O'brien

Pursuit Quotes: "All units clear the path,G9 Assault engaging this chase"."Nobody can match the ferocity of G9!"."Captain Shepard...i tried my best,forgive me...".

Unit in Running: G9 Ford Mustang GT 2010 Hammerhead Enforcer.

Second Squad - Captain

Title: G9 - "Ninja"

Name: Anna Kurosaki

Pursuit Quotes: "G9 Ninja,engaging the targets"."Stay in the dirt,its safer down their"."You cant run from the ninja!"."Jordan...i cant go any further...its up to you now".

Unit in Running: G9 Nissan GTR Bushido Samurai Racer.

Second Squad - Vice Captain

Title: G9 - "Odin"

Name: Aaron Weir

Pursuit Quotes: "Alright,time to show the captain my worth,G9 Odin entering pursuit".

Unit in Running: