The G-Coast Boyz (consisting of DJ J-Fo and DJ Sweet@$$) is a rapping duo from Darwin, NT, Australia. DJ J-Fo was born Joseph Andrew Bell on May 5th 1987. Before the formation of G-Coast Boyz in 2008, DJ J-Fo was a solo artist from 2002, winning Rising DJ of 2004 and Intertnational Pimp of 2005, realising to albums "J-Fo: The Album" and "MC 4 Life", both went platinum and sold 3 million copies in Australia and 1.5 million in the US. He toured New Zealand twice in his solo career, and told interviewers it is one of his favourite places to preform. DJ Sweet@$$ was born Jackson Mark Christopher Hoult on the 28th of March 1988. Before G-Coast Boyz he won Australian DJ '06 For Best DJ and Master MC of 2007.

We Are Back (album)

In 2009 the G-Coast Boyz released their first title album aptly titled "We Are Back". When interviewed about the title of the album DJ Sweet-@$$ told Rap_Australia: "Since we both had been on hiatus for a few years organising the GCBs, we decided to choose something that would hit you straight in the face". We Are Back was released that December and peaked #30 on the Oz Hip-Hop Charts, and #98 on the US Rap Charts. Following reasonable success of their album, the G-Coast Boyz embarked on their national tour of Australia and New Zealand, titled "We Are Back-The Tour". After heavily touring from late 2009 to early 2010, the duo set down to begin recording their second album.

K.I.N.G.S (album)

Following an interview with Rap_Australia in January of 2010, the G-Coast Boyz announced the news of their next album, titled "K.I.N.G.S", which stands for "Killers In No Good System". The duo began recording in early March of that year, and in April they released their first single "Killin'". In the September of 2010 they released "K.I.N.G.S", which was not as well recieved as "We Are Back" but still praised by the hip-hop scene. The K.I.N.G.S tour kicked off in November 2010, and ended in January 2011.

The G-Coast Boyz Present: Tales From The Hood

In early 2011, before beginning recording of their followup to "K.I.N.G.S", titled "E.M.P.I.R.E", the duo released a collection of their 45 songs on "Tales From The Hood". The album featured all 45 of their tracks from their previous two albums, and three bonus tracks titled "D.I.S.E (Devolve Into Something Else)", "Why'd You Have To Kill Him? (Tribute To Tupac)" and "R.I.P (Rest In Pieces)". The bonus tracks, particularly "Tribute To Tupac" were widely acclaimed and pushed forward the duo to mainstream sucess in the US and even bigger in Australia.

E.M.P.I.R.E and E.M.P.I.R.E Mark II

In 2012 the G-Coast Boyz released their third and biggest album yet, E.M.P.I.R.E and its followup E.M.P.I.R.E Mark II.


The Freedom

The G-Coast Boyz feud with South Beach rapper and civil rights mover The Freedom (Jonathan Ell Broughton II) began around 2009, with the release of the G-Coast Boyz' first album We Are Back. The Freedom and DJ J-Fo had an ongoing feud before the creation of the G-Coast Botz, but the album only escalated it. Viewing the group as "fake" and "encouraging racism", The Freedom released a diss track in 2009 following the release of We Are Back, aptly titled "Fake As Sh*t". In response the G-Coast Boyz released "Racist Mothaf*ckers", which prompted The Freedom to officially declare beef, in which fellow rapper and label mate Dirrty Mayne joined in, feeling the same view towards the G-Coast Boyz.

Dirrty Mayne

Washington-based rapper Dirrty Mayne (Tyrell Abraham DeShondaya) began his feud with the G-Coast Boyz in 2009, joining sides with The Freedom. He had/has an ongoing feud with DJ J-Fo beforehand.

Killa D

The feud between the G-Coast Boyz and late rapper Killa D (Clancy Mathers Johnson III) circulated between 2009-2010, ending with the rapper's death in July 2010, after being shot several times at his Las Angeles home. The G-Coast Boyz were blamed partly, but claimed that D had started the feud.

Mobstarr Twinz

A similar rap group, the Mobstarr Twinz attacked the G-Coast Boyz in 2010 for stealing their image and style. In a interview MC Spacerr and DJ Don claimed that the G-Coast Boyz had stolen their rapping style, clothing sense, and image among other things. In a later interview both DJs J-Fo and Sweet@$$ denied this, and told the Twinz to "piss off". The feud is still active.


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