the Giant Empire of Earth
Political information
Type of government


Head of State


Head of Government



Emperor Gamington

Societal information

Gamington City (former Washington D.C)

Official language

English, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, French, German

National holiday

Birthday of the Emperor


"We love the emperor"

Historical information
Date of establishment


Date of fragmentation



G.E.E Era

the Giant Empire of Earth is the earth in the year 2750, The earth has now one leader. And is departed in Landscapes:North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. Every Landscape is led by a (emperor chosen) president. Every Landscape is departed in states (original countreys). Led by senators.

Landscapes with their capitals and president


In 2745 President Green announced that their had to be one united earth. 80% of all countrey voted yes. But it didn't happen the way President Green wanted. One of his generals, General Gamington. Took over with the entire army. Smith was executed. And Gamington crowned himself emperor in 2749. The world was already one. And didn't have their own gouverments anymore. The new emperor Gamington gave every continent a (chosen by Gamington) president. In 2760 (10 years later) a giant revolution took place. The leader was Eugene Green. Who worked under a false name of Eugene Purple. Gamington got killed in a armed fight. And all the president were took to the S.G.P (Special Green Prison). And Eugene Green was now president of the world.

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