G.I. Cop Hunters
No. of episodes


Run time

30 minutes per episode


Adult Swim


The same creators of G.I. Joe


The same writers that wrote G.I. Joe and the ones that hate cops


The same director that directed the original G.I. Joe cartoon

Executive producer(s)

The executive producers that hate cops


People that hate cops


Between 2015-2020


GI Joe Era

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"When theres evil cops you know who to call.... G.I. Cop Hunters! From their Headquarters they can see it all.... G.I. Cop Hunters! When theres evil cops on the attack! You can rest knowing they got your back cause when the world needs cop hunters on patrol.... G.I. Cop Hunters! Go! With their military arsenal they unite.... G.I. Cop Hunters! Never meet a villain that they like.... G.I. Cop Hunters! They got the evil cops on the run! They never stop till the job gets done cause when the world is losing all control.... G.I. Cop Hunters! Go! 1, 2, 3, 4 go! G.I. Cop Hunters!"
—G.I. Cop Hunters theme song

G.I. Cop Hunters is the latest TV show created for the fans that hate cops worldwide and it is loosely based off the GI Joe series and the first Hasbro show to be on Adults Swim. The Mascot of this tv show is the F-18 Hornet fighter jet. This TV show is a spin off of GI Joe which involves GI Cop Hunters vs evil cops. This is the third TV show made by the creators of Star Wars: The Transformers Wars, G.I. Joe (2016 TV series), Transformers: Aerialbots, and Transformers: Shattered Glass. A video game named G.I. Cop hunters the game for PC was released after the end of the show.


G.I. Joe has defeated Cobra once and for all. After GI Joe soldier Duke killed Cobra Commander, Destro and Serpentor while Scarlett, lady Jaye, Flint and Snake eyes arrest the Baroness and Storm shadow the GI Joe team decided to focus on the next biggest threat to humanity: Cops. After a terrorist attack from the Cops which involves the President, his staff and his family were killed by cops when flying police cars shot down air force one leaving no survivors and after several police brutalities which also involved cops ruined the futures of innocent kids(including Snake Eyes apprentice and Sergent Slaughters son gets falsely accused), G.I. Joe declared War against all the cops of the world and became GI Cop Hunters and Duke, Scarlet, Snake Eyes and the rest of the Cop Hunters go on an extermination campaign to slay all of the evil cops that seek to take over the world and destroy the futures of innocent people with their unfair jail and prison methods.

Season 1: GI Cop Hunters Vs the Legion of the evil Cops

GI Cop Hunters ready their Abrams heavy tanks, Apache Helicopters and F-18 Hornet jets to battle the evil cops that betrayed America. Their goal is to stop the evil cops from destroying America and stop them from turning America into an evil cop empire ruled by evil cops. Their Cop leader is named Narud who has an evil goal to rid the world of military once and for all and is also forcing American Engineers to build new tools of war to fight for the evil cops and build a superweapon to wipe out all traces of military off of the world. Metalbending cops also are on the attack, arresting many innocent kids and falsely accusing them of things they didn't do.

Season 2: GI Cop Hunters Vs the Nazi Cops

In the last season the GI Cop Hunters Abrams tanks, Apache Gunships and F-18 Jet fighters do battle with the evil cops and their evil cop arsenal. It was during the last stand of the evil Cops in Cuba the GI Cop Hunters fought the Super Cop Robots and a Godzilla like Narud which did serious damage to the Abrams tanks divisions to the point GI Cop Hunters rushed the Mammoth Tank into production for the final battle. After the last evil cop got slain by airstrikes from F-18s and Duke and Snake Eyes killed their rivals Jack Shadowkatana and the cop leader Narud himself the GI Cop Hunters were ordered by the US Government to save Europe from the Nazi Cops which has Tiger and King Tiger tanks, Nazi Bomber planes, Me-109s and Me-262s. GI Cop Hunters rushed to Europe to not only save Europe from the Nazi Cops but stop the Cop lord named Duran from fusing with Hitlers Spirit and become a Nazi Lord. During an air battle a pilot named lightning flown his F-18 into charging at a Flying nazi cop car shooting it down but was fatally shot by the Nazi cop to the point he died from the bullets that punctured his chest and his F-18 crashed.

Season 3: GI Cop Hunters Vs the Soviet Cops

In the last season GI Cop Hunters fought against the monsterous Nazi Lord that become a massive evil Nazi Spirit. It was during that battle that the Nazi Lord opens his chest to unleash waves of Me-109s and Me-262s that outnumbered the F-18s to the point that the only way to beat the Nazi Lord and his nonstop wave of fighters is to use the new F-35 Lightning IIs and fire a nuclear weapon into the Nazi Lords chest. The nuclear blast destroyed the Nazi Lord from the inside for good but after liberating Europe the US Government ordered GI Cop Hunters to save Asia from the Soviet Cops which has Super Tanks, MiG fighters, Tu-95 Bears, Hind Gunships, T90 tanks and nuclear weapons to enslave Asia. The GI Cop Hunters raced to Russia in order to stop the Soviet cops from unleashing a nuclear shower upon the free nations of Earth.

Season 4: GI Cop Hunters Vs the monster cops

In the last season of GI Cop hunters the cop hunters battled Ivan and his evil soviet cops. It was during the final battle Ivan mega evolved into a super evil mega cop and the cop hunters are in a desperate rush to stop the nukes from launching and saving Asia from a nuclear winter. After Nova, Duke, Scarlett, Snake eyes and the other cop hunters slain the last of the soviet cops GI Cop hunters must now mop up the last remains of the evil cops from around the world which formed a united cops alliance formed from cops from around the world including the evil cops elite which went hiding and exile after the three cop armies(including the evil cops of Narud, the Nazi cops of Duran and the soviet cops of Ivan) are defeated.


The G.I. Cop Hunters

G.I. Cop Hunters are the main protagonists of the show and the worlds main anti-cop unit meant to save human freedom and the future from the evil cops. Most members of GI cop hunters lost a friend and/or family to a cop like Lady Jaye lost her husband to a cop and Flint lost his sister to a cop.

Duke: The main protagonist of GI Cop Hunters and Americas best soldier. Became a cop hunter to avenge the death of his wife and his only child from the evil cops. He has developed a strong bond with his F-18 the Valkyrie and when the US Government delivers the F-35 Lightning II he stayed with his F-18 while only a few of dukes friends flies the F-35s.


Snake-Eyes: the ninja commando of the team.


Nova: The high tech assassin that wears high tech armor that comes with a cloaking device and a powerful armor piercing rifle. Not even the most strongest cops wants to be in her crosshairs. She join the cop hunters to avenge the loss of her boyfriend to a cop. To take down structures she can call in F-22s to do airstrikes to enemy fortifications.

Nova's Airstrike Unit: Nova's personal F-22 airstrike unit that is called down to conduct airstrikes on targets that Nova points out.





Clyde: A mammoth tank commander that leads the mammoth tanks to battle.

Lady Jaye

Shipwreck: The navy soldier that got falsely accused by evil cops and was liberated when Duke and his team saved his life from life imprisonment from the evil cops. He now serves as captain of a destroyer.

Ripcord: The wingman of Slip-Stream when flying a jet.


Tunnel Rat

Slip-Stream: The pilot that pilots an F-18 but after GI Cop Hunters received new planes he switched from his F-18 to the newest F-35 Lightning II while some of his friends fly with him in the F-35.


Sergeant Slaughter: Duke's and most of the cop hunters main trainer that trains Duke and his friends on how to combat evil.

Ace pilot Lightning: A Pilot that pilots an F-18.

General Hawk: The Cop hunters main general.


Greg Georgia: A pilot that pilots an F-35.

Wild Bill: An Apache pilot that leads his fellow Apache squadrons into battle.

Cop hunter troopers: Basic infantry used by the Cop hunters to combat the large armies of the evil cops of all kinds.

Cop hunter vehicle and aircraft pilots: Pilots that drive and pilot vehicles and aircraft of the cop hunters.

Cop Hunter Engineers: Military engineers that help out Duke and his friends vehicles and weapons including rearming and repairing the Cop Hunters vehicles.

212th Battalion: Elite tank armada that consists of tanks from around the world.

The Black Knights: This squadron of F-18s was used to protect America from the evil cops after the evil cops attacked Americas youth.

501st Armada: This elite armada is consisting of fighter jets mostly F-18s and later other high tech jets like the F-35s and F-22s. The armada was created to counter the biggest aerial threats of the world including the evil cops flying police cars, Me-109s, Me-262s, Yak planes, MiG fighters and even the United Cops Alliances air power.

American military support: the Americans pledge their support with military weapons after the cop hunters saved the president and his family.

British military support: the British pledged the cop hunters military support when the cop hunters liberated London.

French military support: the French pledged military support to the cop hunters after the cop hunters liberated France.

Chinese military support: After China was liberated by the cop hunters the Chinese pledge military support to the cop hunters.

Russian resistance fighters: these rebels rebel against Premier Ivan and his Soviet cops after the cop hunters sent F-18s to fend off the Yak attack planes terrorizing their villages.

Robot police officers: Robots that are made to replace the corrupt cops of the world. These robots are all bullet proof, explosive proof, safer and finally the best part the robot police officers have is that they make putting people as police officers obsolete.

The evil Cops

The evil cops are the main antagonists of this TV Show and have various evil goals to make others miserable and cause hatred for the cops.

Legion of the Evil cops

Evil Warrior Cops: The main cop warrior of the evil cops.

Team evil Sheriffs: A group of evil sheriffs that constantly bullies and arrests the Cop hunters children.

Dragon riding cops: Evil cops that battle by riding dragons.

Sniper Cops: Long range cop snipers known to assassinate even the most powerful cop hunters.

Sky Terror Squadron: Evil flying police car unit that terrorizes the skies of Earth killing innocent people that try to do air travel.

Archer Cops: Cops that got armor piercing exploding arrows that causes trouble to battalions of cop hunters.

Metalbending cops: Cops that can metalbend metal and used it against the tough metal armor of GI Cop Hunters tank divisions and restrain their enemies

Officer Jenny: This evil female cop is the rival of nova and is based on the evil version of Pokemons Officer Jenny.

Evil Cop James Mcbuttbreath: The right hand man of Narud that also masterminded the death of the President, his staff and his whole family.

Evil Cops Elite: A team of 6 evil elite cops that look like the Commando Elite from Small Soldiers but the only difference is they wore evil cop uniforms not Commando Elite uniforms. The Evil Cops Elite consist of 6 members:

Cop Hazard: Leader of the Evil Cops Elite. Looks like Chip Hazard in evil cop uniform.

Cop Meathook: Sniper that resembles Butch Meathook in evil cop uniform.

Cop Nitro: Demolitions expert and resembles Nick Nitro in evil cop uniform.

Cop Bazooka: Artillery that resembles Brick Bazooka in evil cop uniform.

Cop Static: Communications ace that got communications jamming skills and resembles Link Static in evil cop uniform.

Cop Killigan: Covert ops cop that resembles Kip Killigan in evil cop uniform.

Jack Shadowkatana: The evil ninja cop commando villain that hatched from the egg Narud laid and like Narud he can transform into a reptilian monster and is Naruds apprentice and a rival of Snake-eyes. He loves inflicting fear to innocent kids he arrest.

Narud Von Giga: The evil cop leader that wants to rid the world of military once and for all. Like Chase Young from Xiaolin Chronicles he can transform into a reptilian monster that has acid breath and also laid an egg which hatched into a monster that can transform into a beast like Narud himself.

Evil Nazi Cops: Evil cops that follow the legacy of Hitlers Nazis which includes exterminating anyone that is not a German.

Nazi monsters: Evil monsters created when the evil cops experimented on innocent people and transform them into monsters that are controlled by the evil doers.

Zombies: Evil undead creatures that are created by Durans dark powers meant to serve as support troops for the Nazi Cops to battle GI Cop Hunters.

Pretty Cop: Based on the Red Tails villain Pretty Boy this cop is the nazi cops flying ace that pilots a flying police car which is used to terrorize the skies.

Duran Nazimouth: The evil cop lord that controls the undead and has a goal to fuse with Hitlers dark spirit to become the new Nazi Lord. As a Nazi Lord he gains the power to fire dark pulse shots from the palm of his hands, transform into a giant monster and in his monster form his chest can open to release squadrons of Me-262s to overwhelm his enemies.

Soviet Cops: The evil cops that want to make a soviet empire that takes over Asia.

Demon cops: Evil cops that can turn into demonic monsters such as a demon dragon to fight GI Cop Hunters.

Copzilla: The monster cop that symbolizes the soviet cops reign of terror with its massive Godzilla like body and its flaming breath.

Kukov the half dragon monster: This evil Soviet has the power to turn into a dragon like monster with dragon wings on his back, a dragon head, dragon legs with sharp claws on each toe, a dragon tail and dragon claws.

Premier Ivan Sovietbreath: The leader of the evil Soviet cops that not only wants to rule Asia with an iron fist but also wants to nuke the other nations into oblivion. This evil villain has the power to mega evolve into a super evil Mega cop.

United Cops Alliance: An evil cop alliance formed from the members of the evil cops, the nazi cops and the soviet cops.

Cop council: Form from members of the evil cops, the nazi cops and the soviet cops. This council is made of cops from around the world to form an evil cops alliance and get revenge against GI cop hunters in revenge of killing Narud, Duran and Ivan.

Cop God: Cop God is the ultimate evil in the show G.I. Cop hunters that is formed through a fusion of all the evil cops of the Cop council. This God of all cops is the ultimate evil cop in the whole universe.


Here are a list of vehicles, weapons and other tools featured in the show. The Nazi Cops and the Soviet Cops got the same weapons and vehicles as the Evil Cops only with a few vehicles and aircraft added on to their arsenal. Example: The Nazi cops got flying police cars but also have Me262s.

GI Cop hunters

Humvees: Basic vehicle armed with machine guns and tow rockets and superior to the police car in terms of firepower and has slightly tougher armor than the evil police cars but not as fast as the police cars.

M2 Bradley

M1 Abrams Heavy Tanks: Main battle tank of GI Cop Hunters. Armed with a 120mm cannon this tank is more than a match for most enemies.

AH-64 Apache Gunships: Primary helicopter of GI Cop Hunters

F-18 Hornets: This jet is the mascot of the tv show and GI Cop Hunters signature jet fighter that does many roles including dogfighting, ground attack, dropping fire retardant on fires, anti ship attack and escorting the bombers.

Mammoth Tanks: Built to fight the evil cops most heaviest vehicles including the evil cops super cop robots, the Nazi Cops King tiger tanks and the soviet cops super tanks. Armed with twin 120mm cannons and twin missile launchers this heavily armored 4 treaded tank can also crush smaller vehicles under their massive treads.

RAH-66 Comanches: Built to assist the Apache gunships in fighting the Nazi Cops and Soviet Cops tank divisons

F-35 Lightning IIs: Built to replace some of the F-18s and only flown by Elite Pilots of GI Cop Hunters. Also used to answer the evil cops more advanced aircraft including the Me-262 and the MiG-29. The F-35 unfortunately is still a prototype, very expensive and only a few were built to assist GI Cop hunters.

F-22 Raptors: These planes are airstrike planes only commanded by Nova due to the evil flying police cars destroyed most of the F-22s in their recent attack. These planes are armed with powerful missiles that can level a structure within seconds.

C-17 Globemaster IIIs: The main cargo plane of GI Cop Hunters

AC-130 Spectres: The Cop Hunters best and most armored support gunship to assist in attacking the enemies of GI Cop Hunters.

B-52 bombers: Primary bomber for GI Cop Hunters.

B-2 Spirits: Stealth bomber meant to bomb with complete stealth.

Ch-47 Chinooks

UH-60 Blackhawks

V-22 Ospery

Aircraft Carriers: Houses many GI Cop Hunters Jets and Copters



Destroyers: This ship is meant to fight the Nazi Cops U-Boats and the Soviet Cops submarines

Orbital space cannons: New superweapon made by the cop hunters to counter Ivans nukes.

MASS device: Another cop hunter superweapon that can teleport anything and anymore across the world.

Arsenal of the Legion of the evil Cops

Attack bikes: fastest ground vehicle in the evil cops arsenal designed to hit and run on slower enemies with their twin anti armor missile launchers. Often used for patrols and scouting the enemy due to their superior speed.

Multipurpose police cars: These cop cars can be armed with machine guns, anti tank RPGs, Anti tank guns and Anti Aircraft Guns

Flight capable police cars: Flying Cop cars meant to fight GI Cop Hunters Jet fighters with their bombs, missiles and gattling guns. Resembles an evil police car that has tailrudders, thrusters and airplane wings.

Light Tanks: Main tank of the evil cops

Anti-tank gun: Anti Tank weapons meant to help the evil cops fight the GI Cop Hunters tank divisions

Anti Air Guns: Guns capable of doing serious damage to even the most toughest GI Cop Hunter planes

Super Cops: Massive Robot cops that got tough armor, crushing legs, powerful arms and laser eyes to be a weapon meant to dominate the GI Cop Hunters Abrams tanks divisions

Cop Helicopters: A rival of the GI Cop Hunters Apache Gunships

Arsenal of the Nazi Cops

Tiger Tanks: Basic tank of the nazi cops which has a big cannon that penetrates armor.

King Tiger Tanks: Powerful and second biggest tank of the Nazi Cops which has a larger and more powerful cannon than the Tiger tanks.

Malibu death machine: The biggest and most monsterous tank of the Nazi cops that looks like a tank with hitlers head for a turret. Its firepower can easily counter the Cop hunters Mammoth tanks. However only a few were deployed and they were not built quickly to stop the fall of the nazi cops.

Hilters Fist: A super version of the Malibu death machine that also fires more deadlier weapons than the regular Malibu death machines.

Me-109s: Basic plane of the nazi cops which is basically used to terrorize villages.

Super Me-262s: This new version of the WWII era Me262 can chase down F-18s and destroy bombers with their guns and missiles.

Nazi Bomber planes: planes that resemble Junkers Ju-88s.

Super Genocide bombs: Massive bombs meant to exterminate those who are not Nazis and possess enough power to wipe out a race with one explosion.

U-Boats: This Nazi cops vessel is the true terror of the seas around Europe sinking many innocent ships including anything that is not a Nazi ship.

Bismark II: The successor of the WWII era Bismark features deadlier weapons compared to it's older predecessor including bullet proof immunity armor and anti torpedo nets.

Super Battleships: Large ships meant to dwarf even the biggest aircraft carriers of GI Cop hunters with their powerful main guns.

Arsenal of the Soviet Cops

T-90 tanks: Basic tank of the Soviet cops and Rival of the Abrams heavy tanks

Mi-24 SuperHind Gunships: Doubles as a troop transport and a killer gunship.

Mi-28 Havoc gunships: The scourge of all Tanks including the Mammoth Tanks.

Yak-9 Attack planes: Armed with Chainguns that pierce armor and the basic plane of the Soviet cops

MiG-29 Fulcrum: The Soviet cops higher grade aircraft

Tu-95 Bears: Large terror bombers used to do illegal purposes like trespassing in American airspaces and bombing everything on the seas and the land.

Super Tanks: Tanks that resemble and are bigger versions of the Apocalypse Tanks of Red Alert 2 and is a weapon meant to counter GI Cop Hunters Mammoth Tanks.

Stalins Fist: A large robot that resembles Stalin and it can crush tanks and shoot down bogeys so easily.




MiG-31s: Extremely fast planes that has speed that is hard to beat even with the F-35s.

Akula Submarines: Evil soviet anti-ship sub that is hard to kill even with destroyers and torpedo armed planes and gunships.

Kirov class battlecruisers

Aircraft Carriers: The evil Cop version of the carrier stores the evil flight capable vehicles of the evil cops mostly the flying police cars

Super Battleships: Evil massive ships that got a variety of weapons and powerful main cannons

Dreadnought: the ultimate amphibious death machine on water and on land. This massive vessel can go on land and sea and on land it can crush tanks and on the seas it can ram into enemy ships and sink them within seconds. Armed with a variety of death weapons and very tough armor this vessel is the Soviet cops final word on land and sea supremacy.


GI cop hunters vs the Legion of the evil cops

1: The Evil cops strike

2: Attack of the cops

3: Reclaiming the first American city

4: Lone Guardian

5: Monster cop madness

6: Call to Action

7: Evil cop lays an egg

8: F-18s vs Evil flying police cars

9: Enter the Mammoth tanks

10: Origins of the cop leader

11: Saving the new president of the United States

12: For Americas future

13: The end of Narud

GI Cop hunters vs the Nazi cops

14: Saving Great Britain

15: Attack of the Nazi cops

16: Reclaiming France

17: Nazi cops ambush!

18: Destroying the Nazi Cops Navy

19: F-18s vs the Nazi Cops Air Force

20: Stopping the super genocide bombs

21: Marching into Germany

22: Enter the King Tiger Tanks

23: Siege of Berlin

24: Hunting the Cop Lord Duran

25: Darkness Falls

26: Light in the Dark

GI cop hunters vs the Soviet cops

27: Liberating China

28: Soviet Cops secret weapon

29: Saving Japan from a nuclear device

30: Alaska under siege

31: Sinking the Soviet Cops navy

32: F-18s and F-35s vs Soviet cops air force

33: Clash of the battle tanks

34: Stopping the nuclear armed transports

35: Fighting Copzilla

36: The wrath of Kukov the Half dragon monster

37: Leningrads secret weapons factories

38: Nuclear winter

39:The final battle against Premier Ivan

GI cop hunters vs the monster cops

40: The United cops alliance

41: Rivalries! Nova vs Officer Jenny

42: The revenge of the evil cops elite

43: Cop hunters air power vs United cops alliances air force

44: Mopping up the evil cops navy

45: The Ultimate evil


"Cops love to target children so lets see how they will like it when military vehicles and soldiers are sent after them!"

The Cop lord Durans transformation into the Nazi Lord by fusing with Hitlers dark spirit is a parody of Unalaq fusing with Vaatu to become the Dark Avatar from the legend of korra due to both the Dark avatar and the Nazi Lord both grew monsterous in size, has glowing red eyes and of course both said "Now, ten-thousand years of darkness begins!" after they become a giant monster.

The Malibu death machine in this TV show compared to the one seen Jimmy Neutron has Hitlers head as a turret instead of a baby dolls head for a turret and does not shoot candy of any kind. Also unlike the one in the Jimmy Neutron TV show the vehicle is a war machine not a toy and only a couple were seen unlike in the Jimmy Neutron show which only features only one Malibu death machine.

The show was created due to a large number of people started to fear and hate cops due to police terrorism and brutality, cops target the weak, powerless and the poor, cops won't let people defend themselves, cops loves to make kids cry, cops are used as a weapon of war against the innocent, police being unfair to others(arrest only one person instead of arresting both parties when both people inflict violence to each other and arresting the innocent people that defends themselves not arrest thieves that steal) and police brutalities including falsely accuse people for crimes they did not do and using their power to bully others.

The scene where Lightning and the Nazi Cop shot each other down is a parody of a scene in Red Tails where Lightning shot down pretty boy but the only difference is that it is not a P-51 shot down a Me262 but an F-18 shot down a flying police car and the scene where Lightning dies is a parody of Lightnings death in Red Tails. Both Lighting in the TV show and the Lightning in Red Tails died from bullets that punctured their lungs and their planes crashed latter on.

This is the first spin-off of the GI Joe series.

During a USO show in one of the episodes the song "Still I Fly" from the Planes Fire and Rescue soundtrack was played to entertain the Cop hunters and it was also played when the Cop hunters aircraft are flying to Europe.

The Metalbending cops in this show are evil versions of The Legend of Korras Metalbending cops.

This TV shows theme song is a parody of the Teen Titans theme song.

This TV show is the rival TV show of Futurama due to like Futurama it features more action than comedy.

It is strange that how the evil cops flyers including flying cop cars, Me-109s, Yak-9s etc can easily rival the GI Cop Hunters F-18 Hornets when the Hornet is a couple years more advanced than the outdated planes.

The Cop Leader Narud goals of rid the world of military is a parody of Amons plan to rid the world of bending and Zaheers goal of destroying not only the Avatar but the world leaders.

Most episodes of GI Cop Hunters features the cops saying the word evil over 20 times or more.

The only people that the TV show will hire is people that hates cops only as anyone that loves cops are never going to be employed into the TV show.

There will be no heroic cops in the TV show due to cops are corrupt and unfair to people and many people lost their friends and family to cops.

The Cop Leader Naruds ability to transform into a reptilian monster and lay an egg is a parody of Chase Youngs ability to transform into a reptilian monster and laying an egg.

The Mammoth tank was featured in the show to honor the legacy of the Command And Conquer series.