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GO TO SLEEP is an american slasher film based on the urban legend " Jeff The Killer " starring Bella Sana, Kyle Gallner, Danielle Panabaker, Katie Cassidy, Josh Hutcherson, Michelle Rodriguez, Nico Tortorella, Ellen Wroe, Jean Luc Bilodeau, Bobby Campo, Katrina Bowden, Arlen Escarpeta, Megan Tandy, Mark Wahlberg, Ryan Kawten, Anna Packin and Crysthal Lowe.




Bella Sana as Melody

Kyle Gallner as Jeff The Killer

Danielle Panabaker as Hannah

Katie Cassidy as Mackenzie

Josh Hutcherson as Theo

Michelle Rodriguez as Officer Romero

Nico Tortorella as Nathan

Ellen Wroe as Maya

Jean Lec Bilodeau as Mark

Bobby Campo as Duncan

Katrina Bowden as Cassandra

Arlen Escarpeta as Joel

Megan Tandy as Lisa

Mark Wahlberg as? Liu

Ryan Kawten as Officer Wood

Anna Packin as Melissa

Cryshtal Lowe as Veronica


Veronica: Stab 7 times in her stomach by Jeff

Officer Wood: Throat Slit with a pocket knife by Jeff

Melissa: Stab in eye 3 times with a pen by Jeff

Lisa: Gutted by Jeff Duncan: Knife goes through mouth when Jeff sneak attack him.

Cassandra: Stab in chest 10 times

Nathan: Stab in chest and heart is rip out by Jeff

Joel: drowned by Jeff

Maya: eye poke out by Jeff and the stab several times.

Mark: nose broke after several kicks.

Officer Romero: Stab 26 times in her chest by Jeff.

Theo: Jaw broke after getting? kick several times.?

Mackenzie: Decapitated with axe.

Jeff: Strangled by Hannah.

Hannah: stabbed? 45 times by Jeff

Survivors Edit

Melody and Hannah?

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