Clean-Up Duty is always easy, now i'm the arresting officer, judge, jury and executioner

Gabriel to Uriel about his task with the police officers protecting Jennifer Morianis .

Gabriel is an angel appearing in Luc Besson's Thy Kingdom Come portrayed by Alan Cumming.

"The Back-Up Angel
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Family God and his Holy Angels
Status Active
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Purple
Height 5'9.5
Affiliation Uriel,

Whitney Timer, Officer Andrews, Julian Scott, Daniel Bishop

Weapons Hands
Species Angel
Home Heaven
Appearances Thy Kingdom Come
Quests "
Performer None

He is called on by dispatched angel Uriel to help with the Liverpool Police Officers guarding Accursed One Jennifer Morianis.


Gabriel is the mischievous angel only called for in times of great need.

He is often called in secret by angel Uriel and is resented by most of the other angels of Heaven.

Gabriel is known for deceiving the others and using things to his own advantage and power.

He possesses the ability to eliminate great hordes of enemies in a single clap of his hands which releases a rush of grey/purple smoke which disintegrates anything it touches and ignites any flamnable object it makes contact with.

Thy Kingdom Come

Gabriel is called upon by dispatched angel Uriel to aid in the getting to Accursed One Jennifer Morianis who is guarded at her rented Liverpool Cottage by a large quartet of Liverpool Police Officers.

Gabriel disintegrates all the officers but one and is there for when the cottage itself explodes following Uriel killing Jennifer.

Accursed Ones Julian Scott, Daniel Bishop and Whitney Timer discover among the fiery wreckage of Jennifer's cottage is wounded Officer Andrews of the Liverpool Police department whom they put in Daniel's truck and tend to with his glove compartment first aid kit.

Gabriel however sensing one officer remains begins pursuit of them causes them to have a car accident on the abandoned Liverpool Highway 06 as he smashes into the back of the car.

The accident results in Officer Andrews being killed and Gabriel from there disappears believably back to Heaven as in the final confrontation on Pryor Rock he does not appear nor does he appear for the rest of the movie.

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