Galaxy Babylon (often abbreviated as G-Babylon) is an American Australian science fiction television series. The story revolves arround the activation of a interstellar portal called the Kienerman Portal and the galaxies it leads to. The Portal leads to various galaxies besides our own such as the fictional Babylon Galaxy, where a variety of different aliens exist.


The storyline revolves around seven members of the Babylon Team; Sergeant Leonard Jackson, Robert Jennings, Elizabeth Kienerman, Daniel Hurt, Jennifer Smith, and the aliens Gar'ann and Elona Vei Daein. Throughout the series they venture via the Portal into other galaxies and secure alliances, as well as battling hostile aliens. The Kienerman Portal seems to mirror the Stargate in the Stargate series. Such aliens that appear in the show are the Gah'lir (Galaxy Babylon), the Zerdan, the Xan'arkand, the Higher Beings, and the Hyracians.

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