Game, Set Match is a 2010 American Spy Action film written and directed by Quentin Tarantino based on the Bernard Samson trilogy of novels: Berlin Game, Mexico Set and London Match by Len Deighton. The film stars Brandon Routh, Robert Pattinson, Cameron Diaz, Michael Douglas, Michael Madsen, Hayden Panettiere, Ian Holm, Alex D. Linz, Harry Melling, Calvin Goldspink, Kristin Cavallari, Kelly Lynch and Brad Pitt.


A highly-placed agent in East Germany codenamed "Brahms Four" wants to come to the West. Brahms Four is one of Britain's most reliable, most valuable agents behind the Iron Curtain, and that he should be urgently demanding safe passage to the West sends a ripple of panic through the SIS.Bernard Samson, a former field agent, and now working behind a London desk, is tasked to undertake the crucial rescue. After all, it was Brahms Four who had once, nearly twenty years ago, saved his life.

But even before Samson sets out on his mission, he is confronted with undeniable evidence that there is a traitor among his colleagues — a traitor planted by the KGB. Clearly, it is someone close to the top, close to Samson himself. It could be Dicky Cruyer, his incompetent supervisor - whom Samson despises. It could be the American Bret Rensselaer, who has built his entire career around the work of Brahms Four — and who is spending an inordinate amount of time with Samson's wife, Fiona (also an intelligence officer). It could be Frank Harrington, the 'rezident' - or head of the Berlin field unit. In fact, it could be any member of the senior staff at London Central — even the Director-General himself.

Bernard travels to East Berlin to assist the escape of Brahms Four, and decides at the last moment to send Brahms Four out in his place. His suspicions of treachery prove well-founded when he is captured and subsequently confronted by his wife, who had defected and betrayed the operation.

The trouble then begins in Mexico, where Samson is on the trail of his Soviet opposite number: Erich Stinnes, a KGB major whom London Central wishes to recruit, to enroll, to coax over to the West...

The task of laying the delicate and elaborate groundwork for Stinnes' defection propels Samson from Mexico to London, to Paris, Berlin, and the East-West border. What happens along the way—a temporary abduction, an unnecessary murder, an inconvenient suicide—happens so fast that Samson hardly seems able to keep London Central informed of developments. Or is it that Samson wants to keep his colleagues in the dark? Certainly London Central's entire senior staff—from Samson's immediate supervisors, locked in their endless internecine office warfare, to the dotty Director-General himself—would have reason to suspect that Samson might be working for the other side. He was, after all, closer than any of the other to the former traitor-in-their-midst...

And Samson himself is losing control—indeed, events seem to be controlling him. As he finds himself in a series of ever more incriminating positions, as one by one the avenues of escape or vindication close before him, the novel winds back toward Mexico.. and toward the astonishing climax - at the scene of the defection Samson has so painstakingly orchestrated—in which the allegiances of all involved are finally and fatefully revealed.

London Match concludes the story that began with Berlin Game, where Bernard Samson's wife Fiona was unmasked as a KGB double agent and was forced into defecting, and that was continued in Mexico Set, where Bernard Samson assisted the defection of Erich Stinnes, his KGB opposite number.

Samson suspects that there is a traitor within his department of MI6, due to the appearance of a memorandum which was leaked to the KGB. It transpires that it is part of a plot conducted by his wife - now working for East German intelligence - to frame his superior, Bret Rensselaer, as a KGB agent. When Samson's old friend Werner Volkmann is arrested by the East German police Samson organizes an unauthorised exchange of defector Erich Stinnes for him, but the operation ends in a shootout on the Berlin S-Bahn.


  • Brandon Routh as Bernard Samson
  • Robert Pattinson as Brahms Four
  • Katherine Isabelle as Brahms Four #2 Cover Girl
  • Rose McGowan as Brahms Four #1 Cover Girl
  • Kristin Cavallari as Regret Brahms Four #3 Cover Girl
  • Brad Pitt as Justice Brahms Four #4 Cover Guy
  • Cameron Diaz as Fiona Samson
  • Michael Douglas as Werner Volkmann
  • Ian Holm as Dicky Cruyer
  • Alex D. Linz as Bret Renssalaer
  • Harry Melling as Frank Harrington
  • Calvin Goldspink as Erich Stiennes
  • Jeremy Irons as Henry Tiptree
  • Hugh Jackman as Silas Gaunt
  • Hugh Laurie as Giles Trent
  • Ian McKellan as Sir Henry Clevemore
  • Jamie Foxx as Morgan
  • Meredith Deanne as Tessa Kozinski
  • Diane Kruger as Zena Volkmann
  • Hayden Panettiere as Gloria Kent


  1. Brahms Four 1: Assassinated at Gas station car shot with large bazooka bullet
  2. Brahms Four 2: Killed in apartment via shootout
  3. Brahms Four 3: Pushed in front of oncoming desert train

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