Game Time's case, controller and disk

Game Time is a game station that has a motion controller and a disk similar to the ones on Nintendo Original-Nintendo 64. It doesn't take much time to load that way.


Elitolu invented Game Time in 2007 and it was a big hit having over one-hundred games that was low cost. They had some that where made by other companies but most were originally made by the Game Time Company.




The case of the Game Time station

The case is the brain of the station, where it processes all the data from the disk to the Television and also reads the memory cards which are built in with the controllers. It also is the thing that processes the movement of the controller to the character the player is playing as.


The controller is the arms and legs of the station. It makes the player's character move and do other things. It also "clicks" what the player wants to "click".


Game Time's controller

  • Up button
  • Down button
  • Right button
  • Left button
  • Select button
  • Green button
  • Blue button
  • Yellow button
  • Red button
  • Start button
  • Select Button


The disk is like a CD it holds data of the game that was programmed into it. It is a lot like N64's disk but is longer and square and it can hold up to 100kb more than the other one can.

A disk of the game Star Wars: The Prow Squad


Game Time Portable

Main Article: (Game Time Portable) Some time in June of 2007 Elitolu has announced that Game Time Portable will be coming out some time.