By Matt and Nick .is a video game about characters from all differnt games and series of diffrent things.update of 12/23/10

Characters.MARIO/ SONIC/ GOKU/ SHADOW/ FOX /LINK/ KIRBY/ MMPR RED RANGER/ MEGAMAN /BUGS BUNNY & DAFFY DUCK /ASH/ S.CHARACTER TAILS/ VEGETA /LUIGI /ZERO /TRUNCKS/ ZELDA/ META KNIGHT/ SORA/MICKEY MOUSE/ PICCOLO/ GOHAN /AMY/ GOTEN .UPDATE OF 1/16/11.Battle mode only characters .metal sonic/ gotenks /wario/ frieza/gogeta/ vigito/ majin vegeta/buu/silver/blaze/knuckles/wolf/manic/sonia/in space red ranger/SS vegeta/waluigi/update of 1/18/11.

Story:Warp Holes are opening in areas our favorite heroes decide to check it out but will these stars think others are the enemies,When the real enemy is Dark a character Absorb power from differnt univerers.So our heroes find out who's who.One thing they have a week yo get to the base and fight Dark.Fortenly our supportig characters came to lind a hand in they Tornado.Only Sonic,Goku,Mario,Tails and Vegeta can go.But eggman dusent like Dark.So he gets a fleet and everyone goes.Dark is defeted but Goku,Sonic and Mario have to use self-dustarct to do it.But it turns out they just got cought in the way of a explosive wave and got hit.

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