the garden game is an outerdoor game for as many people as you want the more players there are the better

basic rulesEdit

the garden game can take place almost anywhere to start the game the players must choose a captain whoever runs to be a captain has to to debate with the other over who would make a better captain and when the agree that they are ready for the votes everyone votes for their choice of captain and the one with the most votes wins now it is time to began the captain finds something to use as play money (paper, a certain type of leaf, etc.) once the money is chosen he gives each player ten dollars to start with then they must choose a house the captain holds an oction for pieces of land and the highest bider recives the land and goes to work at his house the remaining biders then bid on a different piece of land untill they each have one then they can buy anotherpeice of land it can be an extention of their house or a buisness a buisness can be hotel restaurant bank store etc. a restaurant is required because the players must eat the captain chooses an amount of time before you need to eat again the owner of the retaurant can price things however he or she wants but if in compotition with another restaurant you should keep prices low the owner must also eat by his own price or someone elses restaurant or the captain could have a buisness the captain does not need to eat but he must pay for things that he buys he gets as much money as he needs

games Edit

in the garden game you can play any game you want and the winner or best player wins an amount of money that they agreed to at the begining of the game if you want there can be a fee for playing a game unless you're just playing for fun.

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