A run-and-gun game about memes from Gmod. It was developed by Facepunch Studios and released in Steam January 18, 2020.


You play as Gordon Frohman (from the Concerned comics) and you work with an army of people who fight powerful monsters. You are sent into a computer that contains many Meme Monsters. You must fight through the whole computer and travel through the Internet into the Architect's computer. The Architect is the creator of the Meme Monsters and you must destroy his computer with a Digital Nuke.


Level Mid Boss Boss
Lab Computer Trolltizen King Uber Kleiner
TF2 Database Scunt Sewer Medic
Database Main Computer Painis Cupcake Vagineer
Chuckles' Computer Chuckes the Cheat Clone Dr. Hax
Valve Base Evil GLaDOS Anti-Hacker
YouTube Fortress Weaselcake Remove Pootis Trio
DasBoSchitt's Computer #1 DasBoSchitt
Architect's Computer Soldgineer Gravity Cat
Void of Darkness Mega Mingebag The Architect


Trolltizen - Sometimes equipped with Axe, Glock 18 or M4A1; can be weak or strong

Mingebag - Equipped with Melon Launcher; medium health

Counter Strike Bot - Equipped with AK-47; easily killable. Uses a terrorist model from Counter-Strike: Source.

Corrupted NPC - Equipped with AR2; medium health

Hunter - Hunter NPC from Half Life 2: Episode 2.

Heavy Weapons Guy - Equipped with Minigun; very strong

Zombie - Zombie from Left 4 Dead; really weak

Scombine - Has laser cannon; fast and weak like Scout


Uber Kleiner - Screams before he shoots a plasma bullet barrage

Sewer Medic - Throws sewer sludge balls; screams to deal more damage; screams can be avoided by taking cover behind objects

Vagineer - Shoots wrenches; mouth acts as a vaccum

Dr. Hax - Throws computer monitors; shoots lasers between throwing monitors

Anti-Hacker - Similar to TRON characters; throws disk

Remove Pootis Trio - Song can cause damage; Scout must be melee killed; Heavy must be shot down; Engineer can only be killed when both Heavy and Scout are dead; Engineer can transfrom into Vagineer and shoot mini-rockets

DasBoSchitt - Shoots LOL Beams; Throws gnomes

Gravity Cat - Can only be defeated with explosives; farts out exploding melons

The Architect - Spawns mid-bosses before taking on his true form, a mutated Gabe Newell; True-Form Architect throws exploding burgers


Crowbar - Same as in Half-Life 2. Obtained at the start.

Gravity Gun - Same as in Half-Life 2. Obtained at the start.

Stunstick - Same as in Half-Life 2. Obtained at the start.

Melon Launcher - Has the same model as the RPG in Half-Life 2 but shoots explosive melons.

RPG - Same as in Half-Life 2

Physgun - Same as Garry's Mod.

Baseball Bonk - A baseball bat that says "BONK!" everytime you hit anything. Obtained at TF2 Database

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