Gee Gee (pronounced Jee Jee) is the ditzier (even ditzier than DeeDee) heiress of Wong hotels.


Gee Gee appears to have purple eyes, and they match her dress, tights, and shoes.

Gee Gee and Dee Dee are about the same height, 2-3 times taller as Dexter.

Gee Gee appears to have almost the same characteristics as Dee Dee

  • Miniscuke torso
  • large head
  • freakishly long legs
  • long dangly arms
The difference between Dee Dee and Gee Gee's outfits is that

Gee Gee Wong

Dee Dee wears a pink tutu with white tights (pink in season 5) ,and pink shoes


Gee Gee wears light purple dree with purple tights, and purple shoes.


Gee Gee's personality is similar to that of Paris Hilton, and similar to that of Trixie Tang.


New Girl in Town (debut)

Dgital Madness


  • Gee Gee is voiced by Dionne Quan
  • Like that of London Tipton, Gee Gee also lives alone in her penthouse suite
  • Gee Gee is also Chinese-American
  • Gee may have been based off London Tipton, Lo Rigdemount, and Trixie Tang

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