General John Connor

General John Connor, son of Human Global Alliance President Sarah Connor, is the leader of the Human Resistance Army, Tech-Comm. Who fight against Skynet, the supercomputer mainframe of the old Cyberdyne Machine Empire. Christian Bale is set to play John in the upcoming Terminator Salvation.

Drifter Years *Terminator 3 Timeline* (1995–2003) Edit

Having survived the assassination attempts of the T-1000, John Connor again dropped off the grid, living as unobtrusively as possible. His mother Sarah would die of cancer in 2005, having lived passed the supposed date that Judgement Day would have taken place. He took up various odd jobs to pay his way and convinced himself that the actions he and Sarah had taken had prevented Judgment Day from happening.

In 2003, however, John was once again thrown back into the turmoil of his still unresolved future. Skynet had once again sent a Terminator back in time to try and finish him off. This new model, the T-X, was a substantial upgrade over the older T-1000 model, capable of creating mechanical parts (flamethrowers, saw blades, etc.) as opposed to simple stabbing weapons. A T-850 unit was sent back once again to protect John from this new weapon, but there was an unforeseen event surrounding its arrival.

Second Judgment Day (2003) Edit

John Connor, as seen in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.John Connor and the newly reprogrammed T-850 were once again faced with a familiar situation. With a newer, highly advanced terminator after him, Connor had to round up as many future generals as he can before Judgment Day occurred.

There is some confusion over these events though, as John thought that Judgment Day was stopped in 1995. Though it was delayed by the events surrounding the destruction of Cyberdyne, the T-850 revealed to him that Judgment Day was inevitable, and that the previous actions only delayed it.

Though the T-850 was successful in stopping the T-X, it was too late. The newly redeveloped Skynet went online and became self aware. It perceived humanity to be a threat and launched nuclear warheads at other countries. They responded in kind and the nuclear holocaust of Judgment Day began. Connor and Kate survived by being lead down to a military bunker, Crystal Peak, in the hopes of being able to remotely shut down Skynet from there. They only found Crystal Peak to be an abandoned military shelter, and realize the terminator sent them down there to protect them from Judgment Day. They went on to form the beginnings of the human resistance.

The War Begins & The Assassination of John Connor (2018-2032) Edit

John Connor, leader of the Resistance in 2018.At an unknown date during the war, Skynet decided to try a new tactic to remove the leader of the resistance. Knowing the familiarity that Connor had with the T-800 unit, Skynet sent a T-850 that physically resembled the old model out to the human resistance bases where it eventually found John. His judgment clouded by memories of past experiences, he allowed the terminator into the base where it promptly killed him and a large portion of the leaders of the human resistance. This event occurs on July 4, 2032.

The terminator was stopped before it could eliminate all of the leaders, and was eventually reprogrammed by Connor's wife to serve as a protector once again. This terminator was once more sent back in time to protect John, only this time not under his direct command, but Kate Brewster's. This leads into the events of Terminator 3, during which the T-850 reveals to Connor the date and circumstances of his future death. It is possible that, having learned of his fate, John would be able to avoid his death in the future, capture the T-850 and send it back himself. This leaves the true fate of John Connor open to speculation.

John Connor Chronicles Future War Timeline Edit

In this timeline Judgement Day takes place at a much later time in which during that time previous many great technological acheivements and advancements occured this is a small list.

Events (2008) Edit

  • Sterling Industries creates Tech-Comm. A covert mercenary marine force which patrols all possible illegal cybernetic activity possibly created by Cyber Research Systems.(2008)

Events (2009) Edit

  • Barack Hussein Obama is elected 1st African-American President of the United States of America
  • Creation of Ommi Consumer Products prototype law inforcement system Robocop-1 in Old Detroit, Michigan
  • To prevent the further loss of American troops President Obama enacts the Cyber Defense Inscitave. The insicative is a Defense bill for future automation of all US Defense forces.
  • Construction and Central Programming on Project Code Name: John Henry (Later to be Named SkyNet 2.0) begins at CyberDyne New Concepts.

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