William Cutter is a large man with traits suggesting he is both African and Indian with some Islamic attributes. He is the current CO of the UEM ground forces.

A Total Assault

His debut in the series was in the novel, A Total Assault. He is featured in the book briefly when giving orders to an unknown Lieutenant to order the UEM Strikers to go ground side.

The Others

His next appearance was in Total Assault 2, in the first level when rewarding Captain Grigg for his survival instinct. In the whole conflict between Jennings and Steinburg he is neutral, and once almost had to break them up from a fight. He does however appear to have some animosity with Grigg, as he hesitates and then grimaces when presenting him with the medal in Total Assault 2. Why this is, is unclear. It was revealed in the novelization that the Captain and The General got into an argument and then The General bet he wouldn't get his reward from The Admiral. So it would appear Cutter lost the bet. The worst part about it is that they were from different divisions, so the General had no power over him.

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