Harry Potter. Shows all the character's chidlren growing up.

James Potter

James was like an exact clone of his father and his grandfather. The only change was that he had his mother's eyes, which he adored.

James was the best seeker, and uncle Ron was proud of him. When James was going to Hogwarts, he became friends with an boy named Andrew Brown.

Everyone was shocked when James was sorted into Hufflepuff. James shrugged it off, and Harry and Ginny were still proud of him.

In his seventh year, he fell in love with muggleborn Ronnie Keyes. Ronnie became pregnant at the age of 24, and the two got married shortly after their child was born.

James and Ronnie decided to live in the muggle world, but they still came in contact with the wizarding world.

Albus Potter

Albus was an mixture of his mother and father, and Harry was shocked when Albus borrowed the typical Weasley hair, and Ginny pointed out James had everything Harry had.

Albus became the smartest of the Potter family, even though Lily was smart. He became friends with Rose, his cousin, and Frank Longbottom, Nevile's child.

Albus was sorted into Gryffindore, along with Frank. The two became pranksters, and managed to pursade the teaches he was just an smart boy who needed his lust for books, thanks to aunt Hermione.

Albus fell in love with Sarah Longbottom, Frank's younger sibling. Albus and Sarah got married, with Frank the best man and Rose the maid of honour.

Albus and Sarah had two children and decided to live in the new burrow, which was set up after James and Ronnie's wedding.

Lily Potter

Lily was an exact clone of Ginny, and had Harry's eyes. Lily had the Weasley hair, an thing Harry was not proud off, as he said that Ginny's DNA also did this to Albus.

Lily was smart, but she would never say she was smarter than Albus. Lily was the only sibling to speak Paseltounge, and Harry was shocked, as he also found out he still had the ability.

Lily was not surprised that she was sorted into Ravenclaw. Befour she was sorted, she had told the hat why Albus was sent to Gryffindore. She was surprised at his cheeky answers.

Lily fell in love with Scorpious Malfoy. Even though he had dated Rose, Rose was okay as she was seeing someone else anyway.

Lily and Scorpious got married and Lily has four children. They live along with Albus and Sarah, as their enough room for them all.

Rose Weasley

Rose had her mother's eyes, her bushy hair, but thanks to Ron it was red. Rose was considered attractive when she sorted her hair.

Rose had her mother's lust for knowlege, and became an bossy know it all, even though she did had friends unlike her mother during her first quater of the year.

Rose was shocked when the hat declared she was an heir of all houses. She was led to an common room all by herself, and was delighted she could pick any time table she wanted.

Rose fell in love with Frank

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