Gerome Andsworth
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April 20, 3165 (73)

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Born in 3165 in Austin, Texas, Gerome Andsworth was a major naval military commander of the United Nations Space Command. Andsworth had many ships under his command and participated in over seventy naval engagements over twenty seven worlds. He was crucial to the crew of his vessel, the UNSC Indomitable, a supercarrier.
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Gerome's current rank

Early Life

Gerome was born into a Protestant family in Austin, Texas. His father, Tyler Andsworth was relieved that his first child was a boy so that he would be able to start his cargo hauling company. Shortly after his birth, his mother, Hannah, died from heart complications. Gerome was only ten days old at the time of death. Tyler decided that he would continue to raise Gerome himself and as a Christian.

School Life

Gerome had an affinity for space even at a young age. He also liked the sea, despite the fact that Austin was in the center of Texas. Every so often, his father did take him on trips to the Gulf of Mexico to navy yards where giant ships moored. Gerome admired these boats but also loved learning about history, the time when Man first landed on Luna, the Space Shuttle Era, the colonization of Mars, and the advent of Slipspace.

Gerome's least favorite class was Mathematics. During school, he scraped by with a C average.

Religious Life=

Tyler was a strong religious follower. There was a crucafix in every room of his home. His father insisted that every week Gerome would go to church and pray for his mother every day. However, Gerome was losing his faith. His mother's death was what caused him to lose his religion. However, not to hurt his father's feelings, he never told him.

Andsworth and Son, Ent.

After Hannah's death, Tylere recieved money due to her insurance deposit. He put every cent towards starting 'Andsworth & Son Enterprises', a small shipping company. Tyler purchased a small freighter named Hannah after his wife and used it to transport goods in-system to optimize on profits. he also kept the ship docked in orbital facilities to save on fuel.

In the beginning of the business, Tyler chose to restrict his travels to the Inner Solar Syatem, not venturing past the asteroid belts

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