Geronimo Stilton gets and reads and get the Ratziler Prize by any deux books.

Non-beam books

Those Geronimo Stilton books has non-feature by Geronimo et Thea. Thea, Trap and Benjamin has good Geronimee powers by Down and In. The book "The Mouse Island Marathon" has a base on an smaller Ontario called Marathon.

Bugsy Wugsy books

Here are the list of the new Geronimo Stilton books series featuring Geronimo's niece, Bugsy Wugsy.

Super Smash

The first Smash Sisters Game is Melee. Ike, Yoshi and Som are one of Geronimo's cousins and they appear in Melee.

Smash Sis. Party

Some Ontarios and a Quebec will appear in the first game.

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