A battlefield sketch done by a UNSC Marine.
Biological information


Physical description

3.04 m. (10')


5,579.18 kg. (12,300 lb.)

Military and Political information

Covenant Empire

Other Names



Ggalekgolo known to Humans as Berserkers, are a sub-species of Lekgolo. Like Mgalekgolo, they are a conglomerate of Lekgolo worms cooperating as a single organism, but they have a different organic and biological structure, as well as different behavioral and social patterns, than Mgalekgolo. Ggalekgolo are from a different region of Te, their home planet, and have thus evolved differently. They are much larger and are more aggressive than their cousins, but have no noticeable ranged weaponry, instead using their one enlarged arm as a battering ram, which they can they can extend longer than its usual length like a makeshift whip. They've only been encountered here and there since early 2552, but whenever one is spotted it usually means the battle will lean in favor of the Covenant.

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