Attempted Destruction of Harry Potter Jedi Enclave


Imperial atrocities


Imperial atrocities

Ghorman Massacre

Imperial Atrocities


18 BBY


Ghorman, Star Wars Dimension


More then 3,000 peaceful protesters are killed, maimed, or severely injured

  • Ghorman protesters

Moff Willhuff Tarkin

Protest leaders


Imperial flagship Executrix

3,100 protesters



3,000 protesters dead, maimed, or injured

The Ghorman Massacre is one of the earliest atrocities committed by the Galactic Empire. It occurred in early 18 BBY, shortly after the failed destruction of a Harry Potter Jedi enclave.


After the Declaration of a New Order, the Universe was ruled with absolute power by Emperor Palpatine. Initially, many people of the new Empire enthusiastically supported the vision outlined in the Declaration of a New Order, largely due to the violence that had plagued the Universe for so long. Many senators wholeheartedly supported the new government.

But the Empire's policy became increasingly despotic in nature. Women, non-humans, and aliens were excluded from participation in the New Order. Enslavement of alien species, discrimination, racism, and atrocities (such as the Destruction of Caamas) began to occur. Peaceful demonstrations against the Empire were organized across the Universe, especially in the Star Wars and Star Trek dimensions.

The MassacreEdit

A group of activists were protesting Imperial taxation on the planet Ghorman in the Star Wars dimension. Moff Willhuff Tarkin's vessel was blocked by 3,100 peaceful protesters who stood on the ship's landing pad and refused to move. With implied permission from Emperor Palpatine himself, Tarkin landed the ship anyways, right on the protesters, killing, injuring, or maiming thousands. All but 100 were killed instantly. A lucky few escaped the ordeal with their lives, but with severe injuries, which caused their eventual deaths.


Tarkin's already strong position in the Imperial government was consolidated even further as a result of the massacre. Shock and fear was displayed across the Universe, and public demonstrations quickly began to disperse. However, the tragedy, along with the Destruction of Caamas, prompted Senators Bail Organa and Mon Mothma, the Emperor's primary political opponents, to begin secretly planning a rebellion against the Empire.

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