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Where did it come from?

Ghost Girl is based on the Harry Potter series, but told from the point of view of Emily Lupin. The idea for Ghost Girl started when I began to think about what it would have been like had Remus had a daughter. I then began to write down the stories I played out in my head and volia, I had a story. I hope you enjoy reading it!

The Story Begins

Who Am I?

James and Lily were sitting in the living room watching Harry and myself playing with Harry’s new broom stick with a sick feeling in their stomachs. "How are we going to explain it to her?" asked Lily. "I honestly have no idea." replied her husband, “I think we should tell her a werewolf killed her mother, but perhaps wait until she's older. She’ll be able to handle the truth better then." Honestly, I had no idea what they were talking about then. I was only three when my father killed my mother. My godparents just told me that my mum had been killed by a werewolf. All of a sudden I felt as though I myself had committed the crime, as I myself was one. They assured me it wasn't my fault and that my father would be there soon to collect me and take me home.

My memories of that time are numbered. All I really vividly remember is the time when I was told of my mother’s death, and of my god parent’s death two months later. But who am I you ask? I am Emily Lupin, daughter of Remus and Bella Lupin. And I am a werewolf. Dad said I was born that way but said he didn't know why. I being the naive child I was then believed him. I never found out about my father’s condition until my first year at Hogwarts.

You may think that I missed out on a great deal in life, but you'd be mistaken. Even though I didn't have a mother, Dad made sure I never missed out on anything. I knew all about the magical world from a very young age. When Dad told me about Hogwarts I was over the moon. He told me everything there was about magic, even started to teach me simple spells when I was young, in a hope that I'd be able to save myself if anything happened to me.

I think it was the death of the Potters that made him so precautious. I guess he was just scared that something similar would happen to me. Now that I look back on it I realise that he was worried about me. Back then I just thought he was trying to make my life a misery. I see that it was basic parental instinct and I would do the same to my children if the same ever happened to me.

The only thing I found strange growing up was that there were no photos of my mother. Even though I had been told I was a spitting image of her, I longed to know what she looked like. I was a child and didn't believe that my father wouldn't have any pictures of the woman he had once loved. I knew he had at least one somewhere, but I never found it.

Now you know enough about me, it's time to tell you my story. It's time to tell you about my life at Hogwarts, about my best friend Katie Bell, the truth about my father, my boyfriend Fred Weasley and his brother George, and of course Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.

I can guarantee you'll be amazed.

The Hogwarts Express

"NO WAY DAD!" That was how I reacted to the news that my dad was going to be teaching at Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry. Most teenagers would have been embarrassed about their father teaching at their school, but then again, I wasn't a normal teen. "I guess you'll want to meet Fred then?"I asked. I had told Dad all about my adventures at Hogwarts of previous years; however I hadn’t had the courage to tell him that I, Emily, was dating a Weasley. It’s not like Dad was against the Weasleys, in fact I think he may have been relieved, but still the thought of his only child growing up and taking an interest in boys must have scared the living day lights out of him. “Of course Emily! I’m interested to meet this young man. You haven’t stopped going on about him since you arrived home at the end of last term!” “Um...okay, just dad?” “Yes Emily?” “Please don’t say anything embarrassing!” And with that I went to pack my truck for the train ride the next day. On my way up to my room I realised I was blushing, and with my pale skin I looked like a bright red tomato. “Thanks Mum” was all I could think as I walked up the staircase to my bedroom. I wasn’t complaining about the way I looked. In fact I was fairly happy with myself. I had long brown hair and bright blue eyes, but my face was so white that I had earned the nickname China Doll when I attended a muggle Primary school. I had tried everything. I’d tried all of the potions available and I’d even tried the muggle ‘fakes tan’ but nothing seemed to work so I left it. I entered my room and flopped down on my bed and stared at my photo covered ceiling. I’d covered my room with photos of my friends at the start of last year’s Christmas holidays so that all my friends would be watching over me during the holidays and I have to admit that there was one person who appeared in nearly every single picture I’d ever taken. Fred Weasley. Fred and I had been going out since our third year, and everyone had finally stopped teasing us (thank god for that!) I remember the first thing he ever said to me, and of course, it was about my pale complexion, “You related to the Malfoys?” I couldn’t help but laugh. Everyone in the wizarding world thought I was somehow related to the Malfoys, but they were dead wrong. It comes with being a werewolf. Dad told me that when I was about ten. “Don’t worry about what people say about your skin okay Em. It’s just that you’re very different to everyone else okay.” The next morning I awoke to see my father opening up the curtains in my tiny bedroom. It was quite a shock seeing as I was normally the one waking him up! “Come on Emily, up you get! It’s your first day of fifth year today. I’ve got breakfast ready down stairs but we have to hurry. I have to be on the train by ten!” The trip to Kings Cross was a nightmare as per usual. The Side-Along Apparition I could handle, but the busy streets of London were so much different to our home in Surrey. The station was packed with kids and their parents (mainly muggles) and I searched the station for the face of my two best friends. “Emily, they aren’t going to be here yet. It’s far too early!” I knew what my father said was true. It was only quarter to ten and there was no way Mr and Mrs Weasley were going to get the entire Weasley family ready that quickly. “Come on Emily. You go through first.” Said my father. I ran at the wall between platforms 9 and 10 as I had for the past four years and found myself on the famous Platform 9 and three quarters. As we stepped onto the train I took one last glance just to check and see if they were there yet, but my heart sank and I knew they weren’t going to be there for a while. All the compartments were empty and it was such a shock to me. I was so used to boarding the Hogwarts Express with Fred, George and the other Weasleys that boarding with my father didn’t seem so real. “Dad, would it be okay if I went in a different compartment to you? It’s just that the group has a certain compartment we’ve always used.” “Sure, just make sure that it isn’t too far away from me alright?” I walked down the deserted train to the compartment that was so familiar to me. It held so many memories. It was where I’d met the Weasley twins, Lee and Katie. It was there that Fred has asked me out and it was there that I’d said yes. I lifted my trunk onto the trunk racks and fell asleep on the seat. >.< “Oi Fred, she’s in here!”My eyes flung open as I heard one of the voices I’d been dying to hear all holidays. It was George and sure enough into the compartment he came, closely followed by Fred. “Oh my god Fred. I’ve missed you so much!” I flung my arms around Fred before he could say anything. If anything he seemed to be caught by surprise. Before I go on I should explain that normally I would have spent about two weeks at The Burrow, however due to the fact that my ‘uniqueness’ as Dad put it had finally started to show, I was forced to stay at home for everyone’s safety. Fred laughed. “Just a little excited are you? Nah, I’ve missed you too Em!” and as he said this he bent down and kissed me. I was over the moon just to be back with him. I knew I loved him. That much was obvious. He was my best friend, my lover, my other half. I know that Dad would have given me a lecture about how werewolves are forbidden to fall in love, but I ignored it. “EMILY! HOW ARE YOU HONEY?” Katie had just entered the compartment and I could see Lee directly behind her. I hugged them both before I turned to George and gave him the biggest hug possible. I was surrounded by the people I cared about most in the world, apart from my father of course but he had found a compartment and I assumed fallen asleep.

As everyone settled down we started to tell each other about our holiday adventures. Fred and George told us all about Egypt and how Ron couldn’t stop telling everyone he met. Lee told us all about the local Quidditch match he’d attended, Katie told us about how she’d been made vice-captain of the Quidditch team at school and finally everyone was bugging me to tell them about my holidays. “Honestly, I just sat around the house the whole time. Oh, wait, did I tell you my dad got a job? Yer, I think he’s going to be the new defence against the dark arts...” all of a sudden it went cold. I knew enough from looking through my father’s books that we had a dementor on board. I ran down the narrow passage way and was finding it extremely difficult to get past as everyone was poking their heads out and trying to find out what the panic was about. Then I saw it. It was going into my father’s compartment and I ran for it, but Dad had beaten me to it. “Eat this. It’s chocolate. It’ll make you feel better.” Dad was talking to Harry who had obviously just been attacked. “Ah Emily, perhaps you can take care of Harry. I think I may go have a word with the driver.” Harry, Ron and Hermione were looking at me as if they’d seen a ghost. “He’s your dad isn’t he?” asked Ron, “Honestly Ronald,” said Hermione, “Why do you need to ask such ridiculous questions? It’s obvious that he is her father. He is isn’t he?” “Yes, he is my father, yes he’s our new teacher and yes I should have told you before.” I had periodically forgotten that Harry, Ron and Hermione hadn’t ever met her father, which struck me as odd seeing as I was dating Ron’s older brother. “Did anyone else hear the women screaming?” We all turned to look at Harry who was still sitting on the floor rubbing his scar. “No Harry. We didn’t. I think it was just you.” said Ron as he helped his best mate to his feet. “What was that thing anyway?” asked an extremely frightened Hermione. “That was a dementor. Dementors make us relive our worst memories Harry. Not particularly friendly creatures. Although, I’m sure my father would have told you that already. Knowing him he probably also told you how to go about repelling one. I know he taught me when I was younger. Oh well, you’re all okay? I’ll just head back to my compartment then.” And with that I turned and left.

The Dream

“Potter is it true you fainted. I mean you actually fainted?” There was no need to turn around. We could all see Harry going bright red in the face and we also knew that if someone didn’t hold Harry, Draco was about to need some serious plastic surgery. “Shut up Malfoy.” Harry was pissed off enough as it was. Practically anyone who had any connection to anyone in Harry’s compartment already knew, and that was practically everyone in the school. I couldn’t believe it. We hadn’t even started eating and already Malfoy was attacking Harry. Although to be honest, I had known this was coming from the moment I stepped out of Harry, Ron and Hermione’s compartment. Everyone had been staring at me ever since I left the compartment. All you needed was a little time, and soon enough anything that was news worthy could make it around the entire school. “I am pleased to welcome Professor R.J Lupin who will taking up position as our new defence against the dark arts teacher.” Dad stood up and bowed meekly. I could tell he wasn’t comfortable up there. He had enough problems at career day when I was in primary school back in London. Ever since Mum died he hadn’t been a particularly outgoing person. Always kept to himself and his books. Actually, he had often almost completely forgotten me at times when I was younger. Sometimes, he’d talk to me, but even then it was usually about some book he was reading. You know biographies about famous witches and wizards, DIY books on how to renovate your house in under an hour, that sort of thing. Those books never really interested me. I more or less stuck to spell and Muggle History books. “And until further notice, Hogwarts will play host to the Dementors as they search the area for Sirius Black. I must warn you, Dementors will not differentiate from the one they seek and the one that gets in their way. Therefore I urge every one of you not to anger them.” “What I’d like to know is why everyone thinks that Sirius Black would come to Hogwarts. I mean seriously, it’s ridiculous.” Naturally Fred was the first to make some form of comment. Always had to have the last word. I guess that’s what I loved about him. His complete and utter confidence that every single scheme of his and George’s would work, which of course they did. It was actually rather annoying. Fred and George were always getting into trouble, and yet, they were loved by all. Now, I’m not saying that I was a loner back in school, far from it; it amazed me how someone of a complete lack of common sense could become the most popular boy in school. And what amazed me even more was how he could possibly fall in love with one of the smartest girls in his grade, because that’s what I was (and I’m not trying to boast or sound full of myself). And that was the only reason why I had been accepted into Hogwarts in the first place. I can remember my very first quite clearly. I was only eleven, and I was terrified. I’d never been away from home for very long, and for me to be separated from my father, well, that was one of my greatest fears. “Dad, I don’t want to go. Can’t I stay at home? You could teach me everything I need to know, just like you taught me before.” “Emily”, said my father, “I know you don’t want to go, but you have to. I’ll write every week, I promise. But you know what? You won’t even notice that I’m not there. The time will fly so quickly that it will seem that you just got there and you need to come home. Trust me; you won’t ever want to come home again.” Dad always had a way of making me feel better. I can’t remember a single time where I ever hated him. “Look, how about you go and introduce yourself to someone okay? The earlier you make friends the easier it will be for you!” “Okay Dad, but who do I talk to? I can’t see anyone who might be my age! There are those twin boys over there, but they’re boys! I can’t talk to boys!” “Why not? You never know, you could end up going out with one.” Now I know Dad was just teasing me, but now when I look back on it, it is kind of creepy. Did he even know then? How was it possible? Oh well, guess I’ll never know. >.< “What do you reckon Em? About Sirius Black? I reckon he’s coming here to kill us all!” “Oh geez Lee, can’t you be any more imaginative?”said Angelia, who was flirting so obviously with Lee it was making Fred and I sick. Ever since Christmas last year, Angelia hadn’t stopped flirting with Lee. “Nah, I reckon he’s heard about Weasleys Wizard Wheezes and he’s going to enslave George and myself to do his evil bidding. May even kidnap you Em, if you’re lucky!” “Will you lot shut up? You’re scaring the first years!” “More like we’re scaring you Ron!” “Oh will you two cut it out?” Hermione reminded me so much of Grandmother when she was angry. Her nostrils flared and she went bright red. Looked quite a bit like a bull I’d seen in one of fathers’ books actually. “Will you two cut it out?” said Ron in a voice that could only be used for mocking, “Honestly Hermione, they’re just having a joke, aren’t you guys?” “Nah Ron, We’re dead serious. Sirius Black in fact!” “Oh very clever Fred. Very witty.” Everyone turned their heads to look at me and all of a sudden I took it back. Ever since the incident on the train, well, I hadn’t been feeling like myself. I didn’t tell anyone, but when I saw that dementor on the train, well, I had a flash back to when my mother died. I didn’t think I could remember it, but I did, and it was the most horrifying experience of my life. >.< My father looked frantically at the moon and then too my mother and I. I’d never seen him so scared in my short three year life span so I knew something was wrong. Mum seemed to be terrified but I didn’t understand what of. The only scary thing in the backyard I thought was the outline of my tree house up in the old oak tree in the backyard and that was only because it looked old and dishevelled and possibly haunted in the moonlight. “Run Belle, run! I can’t hold it back forever. Take Emily and run for your life!”screamed my dad. Now I knew something was wrong. Dad never yelled at Mum, and something was wrong with Dad. His eyes were pitch black and his skin was snow white, just like mine really. “No Remus, I’m not leaving you. Not even if you rip me limb from limb.” “Belle, go now. I’m not losing you and Em. ARRRRRRR!” And just like that he transformed. I was watching my father transform into a monster with my very own three year old eyes. I was sitting on the porch clinging to my teddy bear in the shadows, screaming as if there was no tomorrow. I was watching my father transforming from a mild mannered man into a terrifying beast. My mother was flung to the ground as she screamed the most piercing scream I had ever heard. The wolf pounced on her; she let out a faint cry of distress, and then nothing. There isn’t a child out there who would rip the world apart for their mother, but I was stuck under the outside table, crying, defenceless and unable to help. Just as I was about to give up any hope of survival I had, I saw a large black dog, a massive stag and a beautiful doe jump over the fence, as if they had come to answer my prayers. The dog and stag attacked my father, although at the time I was too young to realise that it was actually my father and not another werewolf. The doe galloped over to me and transformed into my godmother Lily. “Emily, where are you? It’s me, it’s Auntie Lily, Emily I’m here to keep you safe,” she yelled. I could see the panic on her face, and I could also see the stag and the dog being flung off my father. It was obvious that they were severely injured and I screamed for my life. She picked me up quickly and put me right behind my mother’s fern. I realised I was still screaming and I shut up but it was too late. All of a sudden it went quiet. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. The werewolf turned its ugly head and looked me straight in the eye. I felt a shiver go down my spine and I froze. The werewolf turned his whole body around and he came straight for me. He was inches away from the porch and could easily reach me within seconds. I closed my eyes, ready for him to kill me. I was waiting for death when I heard the wolf howl in pain. I saw the stag, the dog and the doe all fighting him in a bid to keep me safe. I watched in fascinated horror as I saw my father bleeding considerably, trying to fend off two deer and a large shaggy black dog. I watched my father fall to the ground and as I saw the three animals transform into my god parents, James and Lily Potter and Sirius, I knew that the werewolf had been beaten. I ran as fast as my three year old legs would carry me. I ran right past the werewolf and my godparents and flung myself onto my mother, who was lying stiffly on the ground and was as cold as ice. “Mummy, Mummy what’s wrong? Mummy please wake up. It’s me Mummy. It’s Emily. It’s all over Mummy. Please Mummy, Auntie Lily, Uncle James and Sirius beat the big mean werewolf. Mummy come on Mummy. You’re scaring me Mummy. MUMMY!” I burst into tears and hugged my mother as hard as I could. I cried my heart out and I felt Lily pick me up and hug me just like my mother did. I cried even more. “It’s okay to cry Emily. It’s alright.” She whispered gently. “Do you want me to go pack her things Lily?” asked James. Sirius was right next to him and it was obvious that they were crying as well. “Yes could you please James? She’s staying with us for a while. It isn’t safe here at the moment.” And as she said those final words I fell asleep. >.< “Emily, are you okay?” I was sitting up in my bed drenched in sweat. Katie and Angelia were sitting on either side of my bed looking extremely worried. “Its okay guys, just a nightmare.” “You sure Em? It sounded like you were being attacked by a werewolf or something. You kept on yelling out for your mum and that the werewolf was coming after you. You sure you’re alright?” Trust Angelia to worry about me. She could always tell when something was wrong with me. Well considering that we’d gone to the same primary school on London and had basically grown up like sisters you would hope she knew me that well. It didn’t matter how hard I tried to hide it, she always knew when something was wrong. I looked at them both straight in the eye. I knew I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone about my condition. Not even Fred knew. Well, actually he did but that was because he’d followed me once and seen me transform. So technically Dad couldn’t get angry at me if he found out Fred knew. I felt deceitful not telling Katie and Angelia. They were my best friends for life, and we’d promised not to keep any secrets from one another. “Look, can I trust you two?” “To the ends of the Earth,” they replied in union. “Alright. Remember today on the train with the dementor? Well, they force you to remember your worst memory and for me, it was when my mother died.” “But you always told us your mum died from cancer.” “Katie, I’m telling a story here. I know I should have told you guys the truth early on but I didn’t know how you’d take it. Truth is, my mother was killed by a werewolf when I was three years old.” “OH MY GOD! Are you serious Em? Wow, and I thought having your mother leave when you were seven because you’re a witch was bad. That just takes it to a whole new level,” said Katie. “Your mum left because you’re a witch? Why does everyone have a traumatic past except for me?” “ANGELIA!”shouted both Katie and myself. “Sorry.” “You want my past? Fine, you can have it. Right, back to my story. Anyway, basically, I’ve never been able to remember exactly what happened that night until this afternoon on the train. As I said before, dementors make us relive our worst memories, even if we can’t even remember them ourselves. I don’t know it happened, but ever since the attack last night, I seem to be remembering all that time ago. I’m remembering my first broom, the first spell I ever cast, my first day of muggle primary school, but unfortunately, I also remember the night my mother was killed.” “Have you told your father?” asked Angelia, “I mean he’s the defence against the dark arts teacher. Surely he’d know what’s going on. Isn’t that his job?” “I guess. Just don’t worry about it okay. I’m not that worried really. It’s just a dream. Nothing else.” I couldn’t have been more wrong.

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