Biographical information





On Korriban

Physical description

Cybertronian (As a Demon General)




same as Gigatron

Hair color

black (When hes a human)

Eye color



100% Robot

Chronological and political information

Transformers Wars


Darth Grievous's Sith Legion
20 Great Demon Generals


Demon General

Alternate mode

Air Force One Monster plane

Cyber Key power class="infoboxcell" style=";

" | Yamato Cannon Activates missiles under his wings

Stealth Force Mode

Activates missiles under his wings

Agent Gibbs was a former Secret Service member who helped Ivan and his terrorists hijack Air Force One years ago. He was an evil person who shot 5 Americans including Caldwell and was killed when the Air Force One runs out of fuel and the plane crashed into the sea. His body was later teleported along with the broken pieces of Air Force One into Darth Grievous's Fortress where his dead body and the parts of Air Force One was trapped into a cocoon which later hatched and Transformed Gibbs into a huge Air Force One like demon freak general. He was leading the invasion of many planets until he was slayed when Jetstorm shot his stabilizer which resulted he runs out of fuel and crash into explosives killing him.


Gibbs second death

Gibbs death in the hands of Jetstorm!

Gibbs was a sneak that killed 3 people after handing them paper. He typed in the code to unlock the weapons closet and send a smoke grenade which alerted the Terrorists to come by and hijack the plane. Gibbs hid his true allegiance when the hostages were trapped in a room and when Air Force One is about to crash into the sea he shot one of Marshall's advisers and a unknown guy and was about to escape Air Force One until James Marshall punched him and was able to escape Air Force One. Gibbs cried "no!" as Air Force One crashed into the sea killing Gibbs in the process.

Years past fast as Gibbs dead body along with the dead Air Force One plane parts were teleported to Darth Grievous who wrapped the Air Force One parts and Gibbs dead body into a cocoon which transformed Gibbs into a demon monster.

Gibbs lead the Sith to many battles until after a huge dogfight Gibbs was shot down by Jetstorm when Jetstorm used his Cosmo Cannon and later crashed into explosives killing him in the process.

Dark Future

In Darth Grievous's evil vision of the future Gibbs helped starscream shoot down the last Aerialbot and was later sealed in a cocoon that turned him into a freakish monster wearing a cape and a large evil sombrero.

Physical Appearences

Gibbs wore a large cape and has 4 red eyes, two robotic legs and has 2 arms that split into becoming 4 arms. His plane mode is a damaged version of the Air Force One only instead of saying United States of America it said United Sith Lords of Evil and his nosecone hides a secret weapon: The Yamato master blaster laser cannon which at full charge kills any transformer in one blast.


Gibbs transforms into the monster version of Air Force One armed with bombs and missiles plus a Yamato Laser which can kill any Transformer and any living being in one hit at full charge. He flies pretty fast as Skywarp and his robot mode looks like a demon freak with 4 arms each holding a lightsaber, owns 4 eyes and two legs. He even wore a fireproof cape that can shield him from fire.

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