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On Korriban and died in the hands of Jetfire

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Bigger than Grievous and Jetfire

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100% Robot

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Transformers Wars


Darth Grievous's Sith Legion
20 Great Demon Generals


Demon General

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Cybertronian Space Ship

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" | Meteor Attack None

Stealth Force Mode


Gigatron is an evil Demon General in the Sith Legion, leader of the 20 Great Demon Generals and loyal to Darth Grievous. He struck fear across the Galaxy, Petrified and even murdered many Autobots and Jedi. He wears a cape that can be used as a shield and teleport away from danger and he has the ability to turn living creatures and Robots into stone. He and Starscream don't get along with each other. His subordinate is Cyclonus. He was defeated by Jetfire during the final battle of Korriban.


Gigatron was one of the first Demon Generals that Darth Grievous has recruited in the Sith Legion. He killed many Autobots, slayed many Jedi and even destroyed many cities.

During the war he also been known to various cruel experiments like twisting human and kaleesh together to make a monster.

In Chapter 25 Gigatron assisted Darth Grievous and the 3 original Seekers defeat Optimus Prime and stole his Matrix of Leadership.

After he arrived on Hoth Gigatron challenges Jetfire to a one on one lightsaber duel but he first Petrified Fireflight, Powerglide, Cliffjumper, Warpath, Bumblebee, Prowl, Grapple, Hoist, Ratchet and Preceptor to prevent them from assisting Jetfire. During the battle Jetfire shoots Gigatron with his blaster but Gigatron used his cape to protect himself from laser fire. The two rivals continued battling each other with lightsabers, throwing things at each other and even punching and kicking each other. Jetfire was close to finishing off Gigatron until he teleported away to Korriban by wrapping himself with his cape. After the duel all the Petrified Autobots got unpetrified.

The two meet again on Korriban only this time after a long lightsaber duel Jetfire prevails against his arch enemy by cutting off Gigatrons hand and severing his head and crushing his severed head with his legs.

Dark Future

In Darth Grievous's evil vision of the future Gigatron helped slayed the last of the Autobots and later wrapped in a chrysalis in part of Darth Grievous's transformation of the sith. After hatching he became a hidious monster looking beast wearing a large cape and a evil sombrero and was seen with Darth Grievous watching his sith armies grow to infinity.

Powers and abilities

Gigatron is armed to the teeth with the most powerful sith weapons and was armed with Lasers, Grenade launchers, missile launchers and even a red lightsaber that can cut through shields. He also have the ability to turn his enemies into stone, wrap himself with his cape to be used as a shield and teleport by wrapping his cape around him. Gigatron is a tough brute fighter that has almost no flaw when at a battlefield.

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