Gina (Series 6-120)
Jessica Simpson 8
Vital statistics
Birthplace: New Caprica Neo-Cybernetics, Caprica City
Homeworld: Mars
Species: Cylon (Techno-Organic Construct)
Gender: Female
Birthdate: December 10, 2020
Height: 5ft, 9in.
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown

Electric Blue (When Cylon Abilities are activated)

Posting: IWS Phoenix-840602-001
Position: Weapons Core Command Avatar
Rank: Lieutenant Commander (Chief Tactical Officer)
Mother: Monica Inviere
Spouse(s): Cassandra Cain (Wife)
Personal Weapons Systems
Combat Gear/Armor/Uniform: Heavy Combat Cyber Armor (in Combat mode)
Chronological & Political Information
Era(s): New Unification Era (c.2040's)
Affiliations: United Empire of the 13 Colonies
Enemies: 3rd Cylon Empire


Gina (Series 6-120) (Birth Name:Gina Inviere) is the Chief Tactical Officer and Cylon Weapons Core Command Avatar for Imperial WarStar IWS Phoenix.


Gina Inviere was Created December 10, 2020 in Caprica City, New Caprica, Mars at New Caprica Neo-Cybernetics Labortories to self reproducing Cylon unit Monica (Series 6-119).


Gina was the 1st of a series of non artifically manufactured Cylon Command units in what was known as the Cylon Evolution Project which was a Imperial Cylon Upgrade project in order to combine both Cylon Cyber advancement and Human biological systems. Basically born a clone of her mother. Gina had both all of her Mothers personal systems and due to her mothers internal Techno-Organic Genetic randomization was added with many new personal weapons and sensory systems.


Like all artifically reproduced Imperial Cylon Children Gina was sent to be educated at a Cylon Programming Bio-Hive. While attending Cylon Hive-1220 Gina was instructed by the process of a Interlinked Data Assimilation Chamber.

Series Data

Model/Series/Type: 6 Series (Heavy Combat & Tactical Sub-Class)
Current Age: 27

Main Systems Function

Gina is able to Wirelessly interlink with all of the Phoenixs Main Tactical & Weapons systems and related Starfighter systems and combat formation. Also has main control over all Cylon Colonial Marine Centurions.

Basic Control Levels

Gina has 5 basic levels of tactical control

  • 1.Basic

Or Standby this is the most basic level of control Gina has at most times during all non combat situations

  • 2. Com 1

At this level Gina begins to Arm and Auto Target all ships weapons

  • 3. Com 2

Gina at this level engages into low level combat which primarily involves either Disabling or firing warning shots at any Hostile ship.

Weapons Systems (Main)

These are the main internally installed offensive systems.


  • 2 Arm Mounted Demolition Bio-Plasma Lazer Cannons (Long Range)
  • 4 TurboLaser Gatling Cannons (Back Mounted)
  • Internal Particle Lazer Torpedo Array (Multiple Targeting) (Class-IV Ranged Blast Ratio)
  • Tech-DNA Chains (Internal Techno Organic Energy Bladed Ribbons)
  • Internal EM Repulsor Blast (Ranged Blast Radius) (located in Hands)

Special/Heavy Mounted

These are special Heavy impact weapons systems that are installed when Gina Equipps herself inside of her Heavy Combat Cyber Armor.

  • 4 Phase Ion Beam Cannons (150 Ultra Watt Range) (Back Mounted)
  • 2 Arm Mounted Focused Graviton Shot Chaincannons (Codenamed: Frak Cannons)
  • Twin Internal Bio-Energy R-Blades (2 Focused Biomemetic Energy Swords)
  • X-Cannon (Torso Mounted Bio-Energy Plasma Cannon)
  • Internal Magnetic Void Generation Cannon (Creates a Spacial Void Blast)
  • Internal HyperJump Transport System (Summons various heavy weapons systems by self opening a small HyperJump corridor to either access various systems and in emergency situations can either transport herself or others to other ship locations or off high danger planets)

Defensive Systems

These are the following defensive (Weapons Countermeasures) For the Phoenix Command Weapons Avatar.

  • Internal EM Kenetic shields (Acts as a Electromagnetic 2nd skin)
  • External Equipped Particle Force Shields (For against heavy impact)

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