There's No Such Thing as Mercy or Forgiveness.

Gina to Walter shortly before he is killed.

Gina Truman is one of the six Accursed Characters appearing in Thy Kingdom Come portrayed by Anika Noni

Gina Truman
American Youth 2
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Family Truman Family
Status Deceased
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'2
Affiliation Julian Scott,

Walter Foreman, Whitney Timer, Daniel Bishop, Jennifer Morianis, Annabelle (Assigned Angel), Raphael

Weapons None
Species Homosapien (Human)
Home Homestead, Florida
Appearances Thy Kingdom Come
Quests '
Performer None

She was the bestfriend of Whitney Timer and ex-fling of Walter Foreman.

She is the second Accursed One to die.


Gina Aretha Truman was born on October 14th to Isabelle and Martin Truman of Homestead, Florida.

She made bestfriends with Whitney Timer as the two attended the same Homestead Kindergarden and went on to the same Elementary School and High School Wakton High.

She had at a party caused Whitney's Varsity Boyfriend Walter Foreman to cheat with her and their friendship ended as well as Whitney and Walter's relationship.

The two however reconstituted their friendship as Whitney needed a group to accompany her to London, England to mark off a photography overseas venture for the Wakton High Yearbook which she was in charge of.

Gina is very kind and outgoing though attention in all aspects, she is pretty and fun loving which leads to her downsides.

Thy Kingdom Come

Gina accompanies Whitney and the others to London for the Overseas Experience Trip and comes to the Hotel Montgomery with them.

She sets up in Room 567 on the 5th floor and attends the large Lobby Party along with the others in which she meets the businessman Julian Scott.

Daniel leaves the Hotel angry after Gina kisses him out of drunken sensual behaviour then blows him off by departing.

Whitney leaves with the businessman Julian to go back to his rented London Apartment and Jennifer heads off back to her rented Liverpool Cottage.

Gina stuck at the hotel then goes and finds Walter who she confronts about the affair they had and how she believes Whitney or any of the others will never forgive her for or give her mercy on as well she believes she always keeps making mistakes.

The two begin a deep, heartfelt conversation in Walter's Room on the 5th floor when the angel Raphael appears and executes Walter right before Gina.

Gina screams and then flees the room.

She runs to the elevator and upon entering it presses for the lobby and all the lower floors but the buttons electrocute out not allowing her to do so.

As the angel Raphael approaches the elevator at a brisk pace Gina panics and presses for the Roof.

The elevator comes to the roof and Gina runs up the stairs and out onto the roof of the Hotel Montgomery where below she sees partygoers from the lobby exiting the hotel guided by security.

She screams out for their attention but is not heard.

A blinding light appears before her and the angel Annabelle appears.

Gina screams and falls to her knees.

Annabelle bends over her and states "It Has To Be and that she is sorry."

As she raises down her arm Gina kicks at her feet and then runs off for the exit door.

Annabelle extends out her arm and Gina turns around hypnotized.

Gina is pulled back to Annabelle and then thrown off the Hotel Roof to her death by making impact with a parked car just as Daniel, Julian and Whitney return to the hotel.

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