Harry Potter. Shows how Ginny and her family went into hiding to the point of returning to Hogwarts.

A StartEdit

Ginny looked out the window, not paying attention to the feilds. She and Nevile were returning home for the easter holidays, although she knew it was something different.

She and her family prepared to go into hiding. Nevile told Ginny good luck, and that he was returning back to Hogwarts. She felt sorry for him.

Ginny then remembered an memory. Her and Hermione, laughing. Her and Harry, kissing. Her and Ron, playing when they were toddlers.

She ached to see the three of them again. Her thoughts were cut off when the train came to an stop. She said her goodbyes to Nevile, maybe for the last time.

She saw Charlie Weasley, along with Bill and Fluer. "What are you doing here", she asked. "Ze people will znow about ze family", Fluer told her. Ginny nodded.

They walked out quitely, not wanting to attract unwanted attention. Instead of going to the Burrow, they headed to her mum's childhome.

Her grandmother Audrey was preparing for it. Her aunt Muriel was also going in hiding, even though they all hated her.

They arrived and Molly gave her an hug. She saw Fred and George, silent. Things were coming serious. Ginny was led into the house.

"Why are we going to the attic", she asked Fred. "Incase the death eaters come. On the wireless, it said they were coming this way", he explained.

Ginny saw Muriel, sleaping. Audrey was preparing the beds and the food. "Hello Gram", Ginny said. Audrey looked up and hugged her.

"Thank goodness", she whispered. Ginny nodded. Charlie came up, and then Fred and George. Molly was up, along with Arthur.

"What about Bill, and Fluer", Ginny asked. "They are separating", Athur told her. "They are planning to flee the country if they can't find Ron or the others".

Ginny felt an tear, and wiped it away. She won't be afriad. For now. That night, Ginny heard an noise downstairs. She looked up at Athur, who mouthed her to be quiet.

It wasn't long befour the intruders left. Athur tried to get Ginny to sleap, but to no good. Ginny fell asleap two hours later.

The DiaryEdit

Muriel was complaing an week later. "It is to cramp", she said. Molly rolled her eyes, and Audrey managed to stop herself from slapping her.

Athur and Charlie went downstairs to find more food. Ginny then saw something pink catch her eye. She picked it up.

"A diary", she whispered. Remembering what Tom Riddle did to her in her first year, she decided to ask Molly if it was dark magic.

"It's not, dear. You can read it", she said. Ginny read the personal details of Susan Bones. "Wait a minute. This is from an girl in Ron's year", she told Molly.

"Neice of Ameila Bones", Molly.

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