Girls of the Prestine Mansion is an upcoming 2011 American Slasher film to be written by Silvio Horta and directed by Sean S. Cunnigham and produced by Kevin Williamson, Michael Bay and Chris Cunnigham

The movie will be distributed by 20th Century Fox and Platnum Dunes.

It is to star Morena Baccarin, Amisha Patel, Olga Kurlyenko, Elisabeth Harnois, Claudine Barretto, Trent Ford, Travis Fimmel, Rick Gonzalez, Lindy Booth, Marne Patterson, Brandon Routh, Nick Stahl, Rachel Leigh-Cook and Lily Allen.

The film will be rated R for Strong bloody horror violence and terror, sexuality, drug use and pervasive language.


Nine rich babe women cause the death of a geeky suitor at one their multi-million dollar estates and are preyed upon by a psychopathic suitor dressed murderer who traps all the nine women responsebile and five of their suitor boyfriends at the estate where the geeky suitor was killed.


  • Morena Baccarin as Evelyn Andrews/ The Owner Of The Estate where Marvin was killed
  • Amisha Patel as Julia Serratos/ Indian Ethinicint one of the nine
  • Olga Kurlyenko as Moria Servatos
  • Elisabeth Harnois as Tabitha Kent
  • Claudine Barretto as Jillian Ave
  • Trent Ford as Michael/ Evelyn's boyfriend
  • Travis Fimmel as Samuel Santos/ Moria's boyfriend
  • Rick Gonzalez as Gene Simmons-Atting/ Narlette's boyfriend
  • Lindy Booth as Narlette Cleo
  • Marne Patterson as Ferlia Patricks
  • Brandon Routh as Damien Everlock/ Nera's boyfriend
  • Rachel-Leigh Cook as Nera Havenmorock
  • Lily Allen as Claire Longoria/ One of the girls and the beginning victim

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