Global Dynamics, also known as the Eureka Advanced Research Facility, is a fictional organization on the American science fiction drama Eureka.


Global Dynamics is described in the pilot as being responsible for the development of all major technological breakthroughs in the last 50 years, with the products of its research having been used in both commercial and military applications. Security is understandably tight at the facility; Allison Blake describes the cloaking forcefields and other safeguards as being so cutting-edge that "Area 51 wishes they had our security." Global Maintains a EM field around its perimeter 24/7. The EM field is so no one can hack in to the main server. The only entrance seen so far is down a path which leads to a rickety old bridge. Once you drive onto the bridge you pass through some holographic barrier onto a road leading up to global. It is assumed that there are more entrances that have not been shown yet.

The facility is broken into several departments, or "sections." Known sections include: Section 3: Records, Section 5: Originally described as Military Technology,but revealed to be a cover for projects involving the Artifact. Section 8: Classified, but involving technology that could allow travel between parallel worlds, and Section 14: Nuclear Testing. There are at least fourteen different sections, including Section 27, a biosphere 10,000 acres (40 km2) in area (the largest ever built) located 4 1/2 miles under the Earth's surface. There is a sub level 12 with a power station that runs Global Dynamics which emits alpha radiation.

On top of the complex is an astrospectrometer, which takes pictures of celestial objects. There has to be an enormous flash from the camera to penetrate the EM field. Upon entrance through the main doors into the lobby, Allison Blake's office (formerly Stark's) is immediately visible as well as a highly secure elevator system leading to section 5. Though section 5 is the most secure section at Global, it is widely known of and even Sheriff Jack Carter has gone down there. Non-classified prototypes are stored in the vault, a giant cylinder in section 3 with shelves and cat walks lining the walls. Though the vault itself is highly secure, the objects are not and just sit arranged on shelves, even though unclassified items are potentially dangerous.

Global Dynamics is the dominant employer in Eureka, almost to the point of monopoly, and hence Eureka is effectively a company town. So pervasive is Global Dynamics' influence over Eureka that most in the town just call it "Global" or "GD" in conversation.

Section 5

Section 5 is the most restricted section within Global Dynamics. Like the rest of the facility, it is located deep underground and has the latest and most dangerous technology. In the pilot, a scientist stole some of the latest technology contained within it to build a tachyon accelerator, a device which can create a tachyon. In "Alienated", Stark allows a congressman in charge of Global Dynamics' federal funding to view a mysterious scientific phenomenon of unknown origin buried deep within Section 5 that has "the potential to change everything." Even Stark, ordinarily a very technical and scientific person, acknowledges that the origin of the mysterious artifact may be supernatural.

Other products and inventions of Eureka

The following devices have been featured on the show.

Omniversal Remote: Henry built this device that seems to control any machine, electrical or otherwise.

Multi-Application Combat Armor Alternative (M.A.C.A.A.): This full body force field generator would use the operator's own biometric energy to sustain itself when its own power supply was depleted. The field was abandoned as the scientists could find no way to turn it off.

'Mind Wiper' : Built by Henry, and stolen by Jason Anderson, this electromagnetic device could erase short-term memory. Modified by Henry to erase specific long-term memories.

'Paranoia Beam' : a low-frequency signal, transmitted by satellite, which affects the brain function of enemy troops until they become paranoid enough to kill each other.

'Ionosphere Particle Beam' : Invented by Dr. Irvin Thatcher ('Dr. Nobel'); an ionosphere particle beam that bounces a beam of irradiated uranium isotopes back to Earth from a mirror on the surface of the moon. Fargo accidentally activates it while moving stuff out of his new office.

'Super fire foam' : Used by the Eureka fire department, can instantly put out any fire. It is fired by a cannon mounted on a fire truck.

'Chaotic-Inflation Device' : A device shown in "E=mc?" that recreates the first moments of the universe (the Big Bang). It pumps out loads of Hawking Radiation and nearly destroyed Global Dynamics.

'Subatomic Reconstructive Transport' :A device shown in the season finale of Eureka's second season. It copy's a person or object on a molecular level and reconstructs it to a specified point, and the original object or body disintegrates. This can be useful to get someone somewhere fast, or to move someone without moving something else in the body like with Alison's son when removing the artifact.

Head of Global Dynamics

Warren King: The head of Global Dynamics in the Pilot. At the end of the episode, he was removed and sent to Alaska.

Nathan Stark: Allison Blake's ex-husband, he returned to Global Dynamics in the second episode. He then began to take a large interest in study of the Artifact. This led to the experiment which cost the life of Kim Anderson. Despite Allison Blake's efforts to help save his job, he was fired from his post.

Allison Blake: After the removal of Nathan Stark in Phoenix Rising", she was put in charge of Global Dynamics.

Henry Deacon: In the alternate time line portrayed in "Once in a Lifetime", Henry became head of GD after getting Stark fired on the grounds that he caused the accident which killed Kim Anderson. This way, he could gain access to Walter Perkin's old Tachyon accelerator and send his consciousness back in time to save Kim.

Eva Thorne: A "corporate fixer", Eva is infamous in the corporate sector for her cutthroat management style and ability to turn failing businesses into profitable ventures. She is put in charge of Global Dynamics after its government benefactors grew dissatisfied with the lack of results. She is universally feared and disliked by many in Global Dynamics due to her tendency to ruthlessly fire employees in order to save costs.

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