Harry Potter. Lilly and Harry are saved by an god.

Chapter One

Lily screamed as the door blasted open, and inside came the man who killed her husband only minutes ago.

"Stand aside", he hissed. "No, kill me. Don't kill Harry", Lily begged. "Stand aside, you foolish girl", he snapped. Lily felt tears in her eyes.

"No, i won't let you. I won't let you", Lily begged. "Fine, Die, You filthy mudblood", he raised his wand and pointed at her.

"No", an scream was heard. Voldermort turned around, and saw an man with an wand. He had blonde hair with blue eyes.

"Who are you", Voldermort hissed. "God of War", and with the man managed to block the killing curse Voldermort threw at him.

Voldermort quickly threw the man off guard, and raised his wand at Harry. "No", the man and Lily screamed in unison.

It was too late. "Avada Kedarva", he shouted, and the curse hit Harry on the forehead. However, the curse bounced back, hitting him.

Voldermort disapeared, and Lily was unconscious. Harry started to cry, and the man got up and picked up the toddler.

"Shh, it's okay, Harry", he cooed. Half an hour later, and Lily woke up. "Harry", she screamed. She got up and the man handed her the baby.

"Who are you", she asked. "I am Mike, God Of War", he said. Lily nearly fell. "You're just an legend", she whispered.

"I am not. I have seen the future, if you had died. I have just prevented that", he said. "Thanks for saving me. I don't know what i would have done without you".

"Lily. We must travel fast, as soon as Siruis gets here", he told her. "How do you know mine and Siruis's name", she asked.

"I have just told you, I have seen the future", he told her. Lily followed Mike down stairs, when she saw James mangled body.

"Mike, hold Harry", she gave Harry to Mike, who was instantly attached to Mike. "James", Lily said, with tears in her eyes.

She leaned to James lips, and kissed. "Thanks for loving me, and Harry. I wished you could see our new baby", she told James.

"Your pregnant", Mike asked. Lily turned around. "Yes. I was going to tell him once we put Harry in bed".

They waited until Hagrid opened the door. "Lily, your alive. What happened to Arry", he asked. "Hagrid, Harry is with Mike. He saved mine and Harry's lifes. James... James".

"James died, didn't he", Hagrid whispered. Lily bursted into tears. "Yes, he did Hagrid. I don't know what to do", she sobbed into his shoulder.

Hagrid let tears out of his eyes, when they heard footsteps. They turned around, and saw Siruis running up to them

"Lily, Harry. Thank god your alive. Who is this guy, and where is James", he asked hundreads of questions.

"He's dead", she broke into tears, and not even Hagrid could stop her collapsing. "No", Siruis whispered, as if he had been shot hundreads of times.

"I'm going to kill that rat", Siruis shouted. "You betrayed them, didn't you", Hagrid shouted. "No, Hagrid. Peter did", Lily whispered.

"WHAT", Hagrid shouted. Siruis fell down, and started to hold Lily as she sobbed. "Listen, lets go to my house, we will get you and Harry to rest", Mike spoke for the first time.

They arrived at the house, Hagrid and Siruis included. They were greated by an blonde woman with green eyes, and she smiled at them.

"Mike, is that them", She asked. Mike nodded. "Lily, dear. Why don't you get rest", she let Lily to the guest room.

"Who are you", Lily asked once they got there. "I'm Penelope, Goddess of Lions. You see, i am Godric Gryffindor's second daughter".

"You are", Lily whispered. Penelope nodded. "My mother was Rowena Ravenclaw. Mum and Dad split up because of Rowena's elder daughter, Helena, was murdered".

"I'm sorry", Lily said. "It's okay. Get some sleap".

The next morning, Lily awoke and screamed for James. She heard footsteps, and Penelope and Mike came in.

"What is it", Mike asked. "Where's Harry", she whispered. Penelope rushed to Lily and gave her an hug, trying to stop the tears falling.

"Harry is downstairs, playing with toys", he told Lily. Lily nodded. "Listen, there is some bad news. Siruis was sentanced to Azkaban without an trial".

"What", Lily shouted. She rushed out of the house, not caring she only had an dressing gown on. She apparated near the Ministry of Magic.

"Lily", came an voice when she marched down the hall. She turned around and saw Arthur Weasley. "You're alive", he asked.

"Yes. James is dead though, and Harry is okay. Siruis is innocent, it was Peter Pettigrew that betrayed us", she shouted.

Most of the people in the hall overheard her, and turned around. She looked at them. "That's right, Siruis Black is innocent. I should know, i chose the secret keeper", she shouted.

Arthur led her to Fudge, who was writing on a bit of paper. "Minister", Lily shouted. Fudge looked up. "You're alive, Lily", he whispered.

"Do you know that it was Peter Pettigrew that betrayed me and my late husband James. Do you know Siruis Black is innocent", she screamed.

Fudge looked shocked, angry and fear all at once. "JUST GET HIM OUT".

Chapter Two

Mike and Penelope were brother and sisters. Their other brother and sister, Andrew and Helena, were murdered.

Andrew was killed during World War Two, an muggle war. He ignored Mike and Penelope's plees, and fought in the war, and was killed by an Nazi.

Helena was murdered by the Ian Brown, A.K.A the bloody Baron. This was because Ian loved Helena, and she would not go back with Ian to her mother, as she stole her diadem.

Penelope had never witnessed her father hit her mother after Helena was killed. Everybody thought Godric was killed in an freak accident, but he was murdered by Rowena.

The other two founders, Salazar Slythern and Helga Hufflepuff, got married. They had two children, who were twins. They were named Helga and Otto.

When Helga Sr. found out about the Chamber of secrets, she tried to warn Godric and Rowena. When Godric was no where to be found, and Rowena said she was in an different country, she was all alone.

Salazar killed her, and returned to Hogwarts. He fed Helga Sr. to the Basilik, and he accidently stared at the eyes, killing him.

Helga Jr. and Otto were abandoed, and Otto killed Helga and eat her, and hung himself that night.

That was when the spirit of Godric awoke, and he told Mike and Penelope everything. Penelope accidently transformed into an Lion, which made her the Godess of Lions.

Mike accidently killed Rowena, and he and Penelope hid the body. Mike joined in the war along with Merlin himself to battle the dark wizards.

Chapter Three

Lily grinned as she saw Siruis Black run to her. "Thank Merlin, you saved me Lily", both of them hugged.

"I know. Do you want to come to the house i'm staying with. I will tell you everything", she promised. Siruis shrugged.

They arrived and Mike greeted them. "Mike, listen. Thanks for saving Lily and Harry. It means a lot to me", Siruis told Mike.

"No trouble. Plus, Harry is upstairs. Penelope is playing with him".

Siruis was more like an child than an adult at times. He ran upstairs, and Mike and Lily laughed. "So, want some tea", Mike asked.

Siruis opened the door, and saw Penelope playing with Harry. "Hey, Harry", Siruis said. Penelope looked up, surprised.

"Padfoot", Harry yelled. Siruis picked him up and twirled him around. "It's me", Siruis grinned. Penelope grinned.

"It seems your an natural Siruis", Penelope told Siruis. "That's because of m...", he noticed Penelope's face.

"Your beutiful", he said. Penelope blushed scarlet red. "I am not, plus you won't date me", she said. "Why not", Siruis asked.

"Siruis, i'm Godric and Rowena's daughter. That makes me 1000 years old", she explained. "That doesn't matter", Siruis said.

"Yes it does", she told him. "No it doesn't. Listen to me. Me and You, go on an date, and if it's bad, no more dates, promise", he said. "Promise".

Lily was downstairs, talking to Mike when she relised something. "Oh goodness, i might as well tell Molly i'm alive. I better be going".

Lily walked upstairs, and picked up Harry. "Momma, where Dadda", the boy asked. "Daddy is at an better place", Lily whispered to Harry.

Lily flooed to the Burrow with Harry. She nearly fell, but thankfully kept her balance. She saw Molly holding baby Ginny.

"Hello, Molly", Lily said. Molly looked up in shock. "Lily, your alive", she whispered. Lily nodded. "This is wonderful, where is James".

Lily's tear told Molly everything. "I'm so sorry, Lily", she said. "It's okay. And boy do i need to tell you how i survived".

She told Molly everything, and Molly nearly fainted. "Oh my god. How are they still alive", Molly said. "I don't know. They don't talk about it", Lily explained.

"Lily, why don't you put Harry in Ginny and Ron's room", she said. Molly carefuly picked up Harry and Lily held onto Ginny.

Molly walked upstairs and put Harry in the room with Ron. "Momma", Ron said, pointing at Harry. "Ron, this is Harry. You two are going to be friends", she said.

Ron was happy. His only friend was Ginny, not even his brothers were his friends. "Yeah".

Molly closed the door and walked downstairs. "Our new generation", Lily whispered as she stared at an sleaping Ginny.

Chapter Four

Penelope screamed as another green light flashed across the castle. "Star", she shouted. An houself apeared, looking at her mistress.

"Yes, Master Penelope", Star said. "Get your husband and children out of here, it's not safe", she told Star. Star nodded and apparated.

She heard her child scream from the next room. "Coming, Laura", she whispered and she bursted into the room.

She saw an man with an wand on Laura's forehead. "You are going to live immortal when your child dies", and with that, the man killed Louise.

Penelope collasped, and the man raised the wand at Penelope's forehead and muttered an charm. She knew she was going to live forever.

Mike bursted in and saw the man. "I'm afraid you might also live forever as your only neice is dead", he muttered the charm before Mike could react.

The following week, It was revealed Star and her family were murdered, which caused Penelope to sink into Depression.

It wasn't until three years later, she was good as new again. An year before, the war had ended, and the man who cursed them was found murdered.

Chapter Five

"Harry, wake up", Lily's voice could be heard as Harry Potter awoke, and looked for his glassed. He put them on and got up.

Today, he was going to Hogwarts. He couldn't wait. He, and his friends Ron Weasley and Nevile Longbottom were coming with him too.

Frank and Alice Longbottom, Nevile's parents, were planned to be killed along with Nevile like Harry and his parents.

However, Alice's quick thinking had saved her and her son. Frank was tortured into insanity, and Alice and Lily confronted each other.

Harry eat his slice of toast, and thank elfs Winky, Dobby and Sarah. Lily managed to own Dobby before the Malfoys could get their hands on him.

Dobby and Winky had falled in love, and lost two children. Winky had an daughter named Sarah, who they all adored.

"Harry, you better get changed", Lily told him. Harry nodded and walked upstairs. He got in an shower and changed into muggle clothes.

He went into his bedroom, and saw his pet animals. He had two dogs, Star, and Penny. Penny after Penelope, and Star after Penelope's old house elf.

He had an cat named Cookie, who he was taking with to Hogwarts. He had an owl named Hedwig, and an snake named Padfoot.

He had found he could speak to snakes, and Lily had bought him an snake. He had told Ginny, Ron's younger sister, that he could talk to snakes. She could also talk to snakes.

"Hey guys. Listen, i'm only allowed to take Hedwig, and Cookie. However, i will see you often", he told them. He translated it to Padfoot, who understood.

He packed his trunk and looking at the pictures in the walls. There was Remus and Lily, on their wedding day. There was Siruis and Penelope, celebrating their honeymoon.

Potter/Gryffindor/Black Manor was where Harry, Rose, Annabel, Nick, Mike, Remus, Siruis, Penelope and Lily all stayed.

Rose and Annabel were Harry's half sisters. Nick was Siruis and Penelope's son, who was only four and earned the rare gift of an Metamorphmagus.

Harry saw Rose weaping. "Not again", Harry muttered. "Mum, why can't i go", she sobbed. "Because, Rose. Your too young, we need to hurry", she said.

They arrived at Platform Nine and Three Quaters and Harry boared the train along with Ron. "Bye Mum", Harry waved as Lily waved back. Ginny and Rose were trying to chase the train, and then fell back.

"So, how was your week", Harry asked.

Two hours later, and an bushy haired girl opened the door. "Hello, i'm Hermione Granger. Can i sit here", she asked. Harry and Ron nodded.

"I wonder why Nevile is not here", Ron said. Then Harry remembered. "Nevile is an squib. Of course, his gran was devastated, although Alice still loves him".

"Excuse, me. What's an squib. I want to know everything about Hogwarts and Magic. You see i'm an muggle", she said.

"An squib is someone who comes from an magical family but is like an muggle", Ron said. "Who are you", Hermione asked.

"I'm Ron Weasley and this is my friend, Harry Potter", Ron said. "Are you realy. I read all about you in all these books. I can't remember what there called. I mean, i love books and memorised all of them, but my mind is completly blank.

Soon enough, they all became friends. Even though Hermione could be annoying at times about books, she soon became their friend.

Suddenly, an door opened and an blonde haired boy came in along with boys who looked like his body guards. "Is it true. That Harry POtter is here", he said.

"That's me", Harry said. "Come on, Harry. You should come with the right sort, like me. I'm Draco Malfoy by the way".

"And why will i be friends with you. Your parents were death eaters, worked with Voldermort, who killed my father, and you expect me to be friends".

"Oh, i know who you are. An blood traitor who hangs with Mudbloods and Scum like the Weasleys", that was the final blow.

Harry punched Malfoy on the nose, who ran off with his goons. "Harry, you are so going to get into troubel before we even get to the school", Hermione said.

"Hermione, the git deserved it", Ron said.

Chapter Six

Penelope was trying to run away from the muggles, who were rasing flamed torches. "Kill the witch", they yelled in unison.

Penelope was grabbed by an muggle, who managed to tie her up. "BURN HER", They all screamed, and Penelope looked scared.

She had witnessed her wand being snapped in half by an muggle, and even then, she didn't know wandless magic.

"Please help me", Penelope screamed. "BURN THE WITCH, BURN THE WITCH, BURN THE WITCH", They yelled.

They set fire to the hay, and Penelope screamed louder. Just then, there was an explosion that roared through the village.

She saw Mike stunning the muggles, and he blew out the fire. He grabbed Penelopes hand and they took off runing.

"Where is your wand", Mike asked when they were in the forest. "They snapped it in half". she told Mike.

"Well, i have spoken with father. He says that we are allowed to visit him, until we feel it is time to return to the earth, and even travel back in time", he said.

Penelope looked at him. "Are you serious", she said. Mike nodded. "Just hold my hand", he raised his hand to Penelope.

Penelope looked at him, and touched his hand. They both disapeared into the darkness and silence of the night.

Chapter Seven

"First Years, Over here", yelled the busy voice of Hagrid. Harry grinned when he saw Hagrid. "Hello Hagrid", Harry greeted.

Hagrid sometimes visited the Manor when it was the holidays. "Hello Harry, have an nice summer", he asked. "The best".

Harry, Ron, Hermione and Lavendar Brown shared an boat. Everyone gasped when they saw the school, and Harry had never been so amazed in his life.

"Annabel and Rose will be so jealous", Harry muttered to Ron and Hermione.

The boats stopped, and the first years got off. Hagrid led them to the door, and knocked on it. Moments later, an strict old woman opened the door.

"Thank you Hagrid. First Years follow me", she led them to the hall. "Moments away, you will be sorted into one of the four houses. Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slythern", she said the last word as if it was scum.

"Follow me".

They were all amazed and scared when they saw ghosts floating above. "Wow", Harry whispered.

It turned out the sorting was to put an hat on an person and the hat would declare what house they deserve to put in.

Hermione was sorted into Gryffindor. "She's mental, that one. But she is alright, i guess", Ron said to Harry. Harry nodded.

"Potter, Harry", McGonagall shouted. Harry ignored the whispering and put the hat on.

Well, Well. It seems you have all the four house traits. Loyal, Brave, Ambitous and Smart. All though the one you have the most is GRYFFINDOR.

Harry quickly ran to the table, and sat across from Hermione. "Where do you think Ron will be", Harry asked. Hermione shrugged. "Here, maybe".

Her guess was correct, and Ron sat next to Harry. After their feast and Dumbledore's Warning, they went to bed.

Harry saw Hedwig and Cookie on the bed, along with his trunk. "Hogwarts, here i am", he whispered.

Chapter Eight

"Where am i", Penelope asked. She relised she was in an white room. In fact, everywhere was white, even her eyes and clothes.

She looked down and gasped. She saw an dead Penelope, having just being burned. "Did i die", Penelope asked herself.

"Yes", an voice said. Penelope looked up. "Father", she cried. She ran up to Godric and hugged him. "Where am i", Penelope asked.

"We don't know. Everyone is transported into this world once they die. However, i want to talk about your life when i died", he said.

"I don't know what happened. Me, Andrew and Mike witnessed you hit Mother when Helena was no where to be found", she explained.

"Is that what you saw. Very Well. Listen, your mother was drugging you in your sleap", he said. "What, how did you know this", Penelope shouted.

"She told me. It looked as if i was abusing you, but it didn't happen. Rowena killed me in my sleap, and shoved me off an cliff.

I watched you and was horrified of what happened to your aunt Helga and uncle Salazar. I was even more when Mike killed your mother".

"Wait a minute. How did Mike save me when it turned out it wasn't real", Penelope asked. "Listen, we have just been told an prophcey by Helena".

"Helena is here, is she an seer", Penelope jumped up and down. "No, she is an spirit, but before her death, she told an prophecy to no one.

It was about you and Mike. You have been cursed with being gods. You, God of Lions, and Mike, God of War".

"It has been said that you and Mike will witnessed the Second Wizarding War, and after the war, you will change the past before the war even began".

Penelope nearly fainted. "Is this true". "No time, Penelope", and with that, Godric was gone.

Penelope awoke, and saw an unconscious Mike. They were still in the woods.

Chapter Nine

Harry, Ron and Hermione were the first to the Potions class. "Do you think it will be easy", Ron whispered to Harry and Hermione.

"I don't know. My mum was friends with the professor, though", he told them. "Apparently, he favours the Slytheren's", Ron said.

Hermione frowned. "So what. We will try as hard to plase him", she snapped. Ron groaned. Moments late, all the class came in.

What happened next was an complete disaster. Proffesor Snape came in, and asked Harry questions that were difficult for an first year to answer.

However, thanks to his mother, Harry answered everything.

"You are lying, thirty points for cheating", he snapped. Harry looked shocked. "But i answe-", he was cut off. "Ten points from Gryffindor".

They did well in all their other classes. The smartest was Hermione, then Harry and lastly Ron. The only class Harry hated was Potions and Herbology.

Harry made his way to Hagrid's hut with Hermione. Ron was studying as he had tons of homework. Harry knocked on the door.

"Just a minute, Now", they heard his voice. He opened the door. "Arry, and who is this", he said. "This is one of my friends, Hermione Granger, can we come in", Harry said.

"Sure, Sure", he let them in. When Hagrid and Hermione were talking about magical creatures, Harry saw something on the newspaper.

"Hey, Hagrid. Someone broke into Gringotts, and yet they never took anything", Harry said. "Aye, that does sound weird", Hagrid said, although he seemed to be lying.

Harry and Hermione opened the door, and saw Scarbbers getting chased by Cookie. Harry picked up the cat. "Bad Cookie", he said.

"Harry, Hermione. How was Hagrids", Ron asked. Harry told him about Gringotts. "That is impossible. No one can break into that bank, it's impossible", he said.

The next day was Flying's Lessons. Harry didn't much like flying, and wasn't surprised that the broom never went up as he commanded.

However, Malfoy stole Nevile's Ball, which reminded him if he had lost something. "Acio Nevile's Ball", Harry said and the ball came to his hand.

"Harry, that is advanced magic", Hermione whispered, shocked. "I learned it", he shrugged. He kept onto the ball and went to the Hospital Wing to give it Nevile.

"I bet you liked showing off, didn't you Potter. I challenge you to an duel", Malfoy sneered. "Fine, Ron's my second, who is yours", Harry said.

"Goyle. Meet you in the thropheys room at midnight", and with that, Malfoy and his goons walked off.

"Harry, you shouldn't have agreed. You will so get caught", she said. "Hermione, don't you think he deserves punished. He is an bully and is spoiled", Harry said. Ron nodded.

Hermione walked off in an huff.

"Mental", Ron whispered.

That night was eventful. Hermione and Nevile tried to stop Harry and Ron from going, which caused Flicth and Peeves trying to find them.

Thanks to Hermione, they managed to break into the forbidden corridor, and found an big three headed dog.

They managed to run, and Harry and Ron declared Hermione wasn't to speak to them, and they were rather excited about the dog.

On Halloween, Ron had his patience with Hermione. "If you are so good, why don't you do it. Bloody show off who has no friends".

Hermione bursted into unexpected tears, and ran off. "Nice one, Ron", Harry said sacarsticly.

Harry and Ron were eating the halloween feast when Quirell came in, saying something about trolls and he passed out.

"Ron, Hermione", Harry whispered. Harry and Ron ran to the girls bathroom, and saw an upset Hermione. "Get away from me", she sobbed.

"Hermione, there is an troll ou-", Harry was cut off when they heard an noise. Hermione screamed and made herself back against the wall.

There was an Troll, and it looked ready to kill. "Hermione, we nee-", Harry was cut off when the Troll hit Harry on the head, knocking him out.

"HARRY", Hermione and Ron screamed in unison. The troll locked eyes with Ron, and was about to hit him with the club. "ACIO CLUB", Hermione screamed, and the club flew up to her.

Ron avoided the troll, and grabbed the club and hit the troll on the head. "HELP", Hermione screamed as she knelt beside Harry.

Chapter Ten

Harry awoke, everything was an blur. He put on his glasses and saw Lily, Mike and Penelope there. "Uncle Mike, Aunt Penelope, Mum", Harry said.

"Hello, Harry", Lily sobbed. She hugged Harry. After talking, Harry fell asleap.

Meanwhile, Ron and Hermione were in the Dormitry, the last people awake.

"Ron, this is all your fault", Hermione snapped at Ron. "How the bloody hell is it. You were the one that caused all this to happen", he shouted.

"Oh shut up Ron", and she did something unexpected. She ran up to Ron and smacked him, lips on lips. Ron looked ready to protest, but kept the pleasure.

Hermione fell aback. "That shut you up, didn't it", she whispered. Ron nodded. "Lets not tell anyone this', Ron said. Hermione agreed.

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