God Is Laughing is the debut album from American progressive/thrash metal band God Appendium, released on September 13th 1990. The album was produced independently with a friend of the band, Joe Friese, acting as the producer. It is followed by 1991's Satan's Call.

Background and recording

The original line-up for God Appendium consisted of Tommy Clatriano, Victor "Vik" Tambling, Josef Mignola, and Christopher Nash, dating back the the band's creation in late 1989. After playing with each other for a while, Tambling recommended they meet with his friend and producer Joe Friese. After giving him a demo of "Rip", Friese agreed to work with the band on their first recording. The band recorded majority of God Is Laughing by August 1990, and they decided to keep Friese on, after liking the sound of the album.

Music and lyrics

Although majority of the band were/are Christian, God Appendium's lyrics on God Is Laughing, as usual, assosciate with religion, Satan, and withcraft. The song "Pyre of Jerusalem" is about the Crusades, and "Nothing For You, O Lord" is another relgious song, focusing on, much like the title, addressing God as a human being. The band's "first song", "Rip" is about Jack the Ripper.

Release and reception

The album, after reaching completion in August, was released on September 13th 1990 independently. The album was well-recieved by some underground reviewers, but it was not until God Appendium broke the mainstream with 1991's Satan's Call that God Is Laughing was recognised, having sold over 5.5 million by 2004, huge in comparison the original sale of only 15,000.

Track listing

  1. "Rip" - 5:00
  2. "God Is Laughing" - 6:00
  3. "The Spectacle of Man" - 3:44
  4. "Nothing For You, O Lord" - 7:00
  5. "Pyre of Jerusalem" - 4:00
  6. "Encapsulating the Apostle" - 4:55
  7. "No Retreat For The Attackers" - 8:45


God Appendium

Technical Staff

  • Joe Friese - producer
  • Johans Jethro - mixer

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