"We are blood, and nothing gets in the way of that!"

-Young Kratos

Kratos was huffing as blood oozed from his lip. "You're a damn fool!", Athena yelled. She dississipated into the air. He touched his wound and a jolt of pain shot all through him. His legs started getting numb and he began losing color, even for him. "I've done what I must", he coughed."I shall return to Hades and save HIM. Wether an embrace or clenched swords await me, I shall find him." Thunder boomed. Lightning cackled. Rainstorm. It made him remember that awful sound. It rang in his ears like a deafening bell. The sound teased him."I HATE YOU!", it would say. The Spartan used all his will to force back tears. The terrible sound echoed again and again. He tried to push it away, but it kept coming back. The beginning of his guilt. His emotional turmoil. That day...

"C'mon, we have to hurry up." Kratos grabbed his brother, pulled him from the bed and they ran outside. They jetted out the door, into the courtyard. The sun was still rising. The grass swayed in harmony with the soft, cool wind. The Captain stood boldly, gripping a sword in his right hand. The children lined up, facing him. The Captain stood tall. About six and a half feet. His muscles greatly intimidated the kids. They knew how abrasive he could be. "I want you all to look at yourselves." The children obeyed."You. You are your greatest ally. You are your greatest threat. Never forget that war is life. War is survival. It shows your will to live in this world. "He rose the sword up for everyone to see." Your life depends on your actions. To be a warrior, you must have a sixth sense for war. You end up with two options." He pointed the sword up, "This", He stomped on the ground, "or this. Your choice. Your desicion. Your life. UNDERSTOOD!" The kids replied with a, "Sir yes sir!", in unison.He continued."My job is to train you bugs into the ultimate warriors! If your lucky, you will serve Sparta. And by the gods themselves can you be remembered war heroes.Now we shall start the daily training. Kratos!" The young bald boy rushed out of the line. He led the others through different exercises. Then he tried to slow down so his brother could catch up. the scrawny bot was panting heavily. Heaving air into him. Sweat dripped from his forehead. He felt as if he would collapse. The Captain kept a close eye, watching everything. Afterwards, Kratos went up to the line of kids."I will not accept any weaklings. They are the down fall of you all! They are the cause of defeat. he gazed at the skinny children and snarled."Get these bitches out of my sight!" A grooup of men sprang into the grass. They picked the kids out one by one.The Captain pointed to Kratos' brother."Him too!Get that one!What's his name?", the Captain yelled. The two brothers ran into the cabins. The men followed in close pursuit. Kratos stood strong an held his ground. His brother cowered in fear behind him.The Captain appeared and smiled. He shoved Kratos into the wall. They took his brother outside. When Kratos regained his balance he ran outside. He saw his brother wriggling around, trying to break free."No please!", he yelped. They opened the doors and the sound of thunder erupted. a storm was brewing. In moments the dirt out side became mud. "Kratos, help!" But Kratos instead turned his back, unable to watch. They hauled his brother by the door and threw him out. He plopped into the mud. The raindrops hid his tears. Then it happened. The awful sound ripped through the air into Kratos' ears. "I HATE YOU!", his brother screamed. That day marked the first time Kratos would have a nightmare.

His nightmare kept him up. When he tried to sleep the sound rolled back into his thoughts. It shot into his head."I Hate YOU!" it said. It pounded in his ears and hammered his head. That night he wished he was deaf. No, no, he thought, I should have helped him. No matter what. We are blood, and nothing gets in the way of that. That was Kratos' very first regret in life but sadly, it wouldn't be the last. It took him hours to sleep. He wasn't tired. He wasn't sleepy. He was deeply distressed.

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