A Door

The Door to the God of the Sith's throne room, which are both inside the core of the galaxy.

The God of the Sith was the godly title held by two Sith and the possible true main antagonist of Star Wars: End of the Jedi. The title was held first by Darth Metallix and then by Darth Raiden, after he murdered Metallix in the events which took place in 32 ABY. The abilities or powers of the God of the Sith are the same as any other gods except with a somewhat evil twist. The abilites of the God of the Sith are immortality, invincibility, flight, conjuring the elements, telekinesis, cloaking, illusion casting, teleportation, regeneration, super strength, super agility, launching unlimited Force powers, power granting, shapeshifting, and conjuring magical weapons. The power to appear as large as a Titan is also another power demonstrated by both Gods of the Sith.

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