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  • L2+▲= Kamehameha
  • L2+↑+▲= Rock, Siscors, Paper
  • L2+↓+▲= Penetrate!


  • L2+▲= Kamehameha
  • L2+↑+▲= Kaio Ken Attack
  • L2+↓+▲= Spirit Bomb


  • L2+▲= Kaio Ken Kamehameha
  • L2+↑+▲=
  • L2+↓+▲= Spirit Bomb




How to unlock

  • Kid-Start the story mode
    • Great Ape-Destroy Pilaf's Mansion (with Goku)
  • Early-Unlock the saiyan saga
  • Mid-Beat Captain Ginyu (with Goku)
    • SSJ- Frieza (with Goku)
  • End-Beat Cell (with Goku)
    • SSJ-Beat Cell (with Goku)
    • SSJ2-Beat Goku (with Vegeta)
    • SSJ3-Beat Fat Buu (with Goku)
  • GT-Unlock the baby saga
    • SSJ-Unlock the baby saga
    • SSJ3-Beat Ledgick (with Goku)
    • SSJ4-Beat Goku (with Baby)
  • AF-Unlock the Xicor Saga
    • SSJ-Unlock the Xicor Saga
    • SSJ3-Unlock the Xicor Saga
    • SSJ4-Beat Goku (with Xicor)
    • SSJ5-Beat Xicor (with Goku)

This is a DBZBT5 Character

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