Good God, Y'All is a 2013 American Drama film written by Laeta Kalogridis and directed by Martin Scorcese starring Emma Roberts, Andrew Garfield, Amy Adams, Chad Michael Murray, Daniel Hasan, Tom Wilkinson and Annette Bening.

The film deals with many elements and features intertwining stories which once all become connected summarize the entire film.


Alexandra Channing (Emma Roberts) is a struggling 19 year old girl who once possessed big dreams and ambitions.

That however all went down the toilet her wealthy funding father decided to split and leave her to care for her severley autistic father after dear old dad became embroiled in a tax scam and fled town.

Alexandra finds herself stuck in their nice home struggling to afford to the rent resorting to becoming embroiled in a local drug and prostitution cartel.

She finds herself to become an addict and even though possesses undying love for her younger brother can't take care of him properly.

She resorts to finding help and comes to find 19 year old William Carllis who is struggling to care for his older autistic brother Abe (Chad Michael Murray).

Alex and Will engage in a passionate relationship and Abe and Alex's autistic younger brother Martin (Daniel Hasan) form a strong friendship.

However a vengeance determined woman named Hilary Burton (Amy Adams) who was left horribly scarred in the face by Will Carllis after a drunken driving accident seeks to kill him as revenge and ultimatley ends up taking the life accidentally of Abe.


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