Gotham City is the title of a television series about a young Bruce Wayne like Smallville is to Clark Kent.

Premise Edit

Gotham City is about how Bruce Wayne becomes Batman. After Bruce's parents were killed by Joe Chill Bruce began training.

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

Bruce Wayne: The main character of the series. He began to train to become a vigilanted after his parents were killed.

Alfred Pennyworth: Bruce's faithful butler who took care of him since he was a child. He doesn't support Bruce's decision to train to become a superhero, but still helps him.

Ethan Bennett: Bruce's best friend. Ethan got into Hill High (named after Hamilton Hill) on scholarship. He lives with his mother Mia in a shop that is systematically robbed by the Black Dragon gang led by Waylon Jones. Eventually he and Bruce fought the Black Dragons, making them stop terrorizing Ethan's mother's shop. He wants to become a cop. (In the future he will become Clayface.)

Harvey Dent: Harvey is Bruce's older friend that is attending law school to become a great lawyer. He is pressured by an abusive father and tries to take both sides during arguments. (In the future he will become Two-Face.)

Roman Sionis: Another friend of Bruce who is the son of the president of the company Janus Cosmetics. Their parents were friends and Bruce has known Roman since childhood. (In the future he will become Black Mask.)

Jonathan Crane: Jonathan is an intern a student of psychology that attends Hill High with Bruce. (In the future he will become Scarecrow.)

Dr. Victor Fries: Bruce's chemistry teacher that cares deeply about Bruce.

Villains Edit

Jack Napier:

Waylon Jones:

Carmine Falcone:

Alberto Falcone:

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