Graceland M.D is a 2009 American Slasher Horror film written and directed by Oren Peli and produced by Larry Bishop

It is based on the graphic short story created by Larry Bishop whilest studying at Beverly Hills High School.

The film stars Topher Grace, Katharine Towne, Solange Knowles, Melissa Sagemiller, Suzie Plakson, Jennifer Freeman, Nikki Blonsky, Halle Hirsch, Emile Hirsch, Andrew Garfield, Ryan Kwanten, Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Bell.

It is the film for actors Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Bell who are later known for The Social Network and Veronica Mars.


Eight women all residents of Graceland, Wisconsin are picked off by a Hippie Bus operating maniac.

The first is Kristen Bell's character Rennie Ellin who is driving the hippoe bus at the beginnign of the film and following her murder from a man pretending to have car trouble the vehicle falls into the unseen murderer's hands.

Then we are introduced to the other seven girls all from different friendship groups and all with boyfriends at Graceland University.

The next to die is Suzie Plakson's character Jennifer Johnstone who is killed as the killer comes to Whiteman Hall in the hippie van and makes his way up to her room.

The body count continues on until Katharine Towne's protagonist character Joleen discovers the killer is in fact her boyfriend Miles (Topher Grace) who'se motive was he been out with all the other female characters and has a sick fascination with offing women.

He then attempts to kill Joleen but she battles him but she with her boxing prowess strikes a deadly blow to his chest which causes to fall backwards out Halle Hirsch's character Mindy Freeman's mansion second floor window and down onto Rennie's hippie van.


  • Topher Grace as Miles Matheson
  • Katharine Towne as Joleen Rogers
  • Solange Knowles as Eve-Marie
  • Melissa Sagemiller as Tumblay Patrick
  • Suzie Plakson as Jennifer Johnstone
  • Hallie Hirsh as Mindy Freeman
  • Emile Hirsch as Carden/ Joleen's ex-boyfriend and Eve-Marie's boyfriend
  • Andrew Garfield as Simon/ Rennie Ellin's heartbroken boyfriend investigating her death
  • Ryan Kwanten as Adam Krestch/ Tumblay's Boyfriend
  • Kristen Bell as Rennie Ellin
  • Jesse Eisenberg as Justin Marks/ Adam Krestch's Best friend


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