Graduation Day 3D is a 2011 3D Horror Film remake of the 1981 Slasher film of the same name. It is directed by Stephen Hopkins and stars Eric Stoltz, Kirsten Prout, Marissa Skell, Matt Dallas, Saoirise Ronan, Cloris Leachmen, Timothy Olyphant, Taylor Handley, Shannyn Sossamon and Andy Garcia. It is the 3D Horror Film Remake Buddy release of Happy Birthday To me 3D.

It is distributed by Screen Gems and Ghost House Pictures.

It is rated R for Bloody horror violence and gore, some sexual content and language.


It is almost Graduation Day at Midvale High School, Wisconsin however a deranged serial killer on a mission of revenge targets a select group of teenagers at the local high school and make this years' graduation be one they never forget.


  • Eric Stoltz as Coach George Michaels
  • Kirsten Prout as Jennifer Walters
  • Marissa Skell as Sally
  • Matt Dallas as Kevin
  • Nicole Gale Anderson as Joanne
  • Paget Brewster as Elaine Ramstead
  • Saoirise Ronan as Anne Ramstead
  • Shannyn Sossamon as Diane
  • Taylor Handley as Greg
  • Timothy Olyphant as Marco Beltrami
  • Lawrence Hecht as Mr. Roberts
  • Cloris Leachman as Doris
  • Andy Garcia as Principle Guglione

3D Death SequencesEdit


Trying to stay as true to the original 80’s original slasher’s intelligent provoking deaths as possible, Steve decided to enlist the Eric Bress to assist in the story development, here was the result:

1. 'Marathon' Victims:

Amidst all the crazy staff and students of 'Midvale' 'High School' there is a murderous vengeance seeking killer on the loose who doesn’t play nice.

The Main characters of the film are seen in the opening at a marathon watching a friend run the place for the gold medal. With screamo on the ipods and an unnecessary commentary from the coach, the killer makes its way in plants explosives and traps around the stadium. As people begin to die left right and center and our characters flee we see the runner’s trap to be a cleverly placed shotgun in the distance. As it fires he is shot right through the heart blowing it out the back of him.

He’s heart rate monitor on his watch then flatlines indicating his death.

The opening ends with Diane run towards the crowd fence and scream.

2. 'Kirsten Pout as Arrogant Blonde/Jennifer Morris:

Jennifer Morris was one of the teenagers from the marathon run who escaped the blast. She is also one of the killer’s victims in his quest for revenge. The arrogant blonde was staying up in a cabin in the woods at the time when the killer came into the local woods surrounding and killed her. She is seen taking a crack of dawn run Ipod in ears and is caught up to by the killer who slits her throat with a medieval blade reaper. He then proceeds to twist her head right round so the cut enlarges and rip her head from body.

3. 'Shannyn Sossamon as Diane Llewis:

Diane Llewis was an experienced martial arts fighter and is killed by the killer in the changing rooms with a judo sword. He slices across her mouth and as Diane goes to scream her whole head rips open and she collapses down the stairs.

4. 'Taylor' Handley as Greg Chairman:

Greg is a varsity football jock and uptight a**whole who is killed by the killer at a game celebration house party on the football field with a sword attached to a football.

He is killed before Anne, Kevin Badger & Elaine Ramstead. As the killer comes up behind the pierced bleeding Greg and pulls the sword out and snaps him in half.
5. Nicole Gale Anderson as Joanne & Timothy Olyphant as Marco Beltrami:

Marco and Joanne are killed tentatively together by the killer in the nearby woods.

First Marco inside the killer’s cabin as he discovers their circles photographs and crosses on the ones already killed. The killer then enters brutalizing Marco and dousing him in gasoline. He then proceeds to use a heat lamp to him fire and blow up the cabin as he escapes. However Marco in fiery death grabs the killer’s leg severely burning him. The killer launches outside after Joanne chasing her through the woods all the way back to the highway. There she enters their vehicle and tries to drive away. Halfway across the road the killer re-appears and runs straight into the front of the car dinting it. The Car loses control and hits a pole which slices through the vehicle cutting her in half.

6. 'Lawrence' Hecht as Mr. Roberts and Cloris Leachman as 'Doris':

The Killer within the school entraps teacher of history at Midvale inside the school’s boiler room furnace. And 'Doris' the T.A is chased around the campus until she reaches the boiler room and discovers Mr. Roberts. Upon seeing his charred corpse she caught up with by the killer and watches as he breaks a large furnace pipe which sticks up right through her vagina and fills her with fire.

7. 'Matt' Dallas as Kevin & Andy Garcia as Principle Guglione:

At the Night graduation ceremony the Principal Frederick Guglione is killed by the killer while giving his grad speech. He is strung up by an electrical cord and filled with Hydrochloric acid until while on stage implodes over the audience.

Kevin then runs to the crowd urging them away as the killer advances on him.

It kills Kevin by breaking the huge neon Graduation sign from behind and crushes him.

8. Marissa Skell as Sally & Saorise Ronan as Anne Ramstead:

The main characters flee through the school through the running bloody crowd.

Sally and Anne are separated from Coach George and are then killed in a burning gym.

First Sally by means of the killer’s swords who sticks it right through her and pins her through an electrical box zapping her into a fried charred corpse.

Then the lights because of the box zap and alert George to their location but not in time as he walks in to find Anne have wooden plank from the roof collapse and crush her through the floor.

9. The Killer:

Once unmasked the killer and George face off and George picks up an axe and swings right through his head.

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