"Gran Turosemo"

Nick and Jerrick








August 12, 2011

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"The Fog of Ghost"

Featuring: Nick, Jerrick, Drift Racer (Dies in episode)

Also Featuring: Barnabé Ricard, Marthe Ricard, Anne-Elisabeth Ricard, Kurt Twombly, Ruth Dafella, Chief Howard, Kyle Robinson, Reverend Jackson, Mayor Katherine Smithington


Every year Rose Beach, Florida hosts a city-wide street race in which racers from all over the country come to compete in. This year Nick and Jerrick decide to compete in the race but the two argue over which car to use in the race. They finally decide to use Jerrick's 1980 Chevrolet Monte Carlo as it is a muscle car. It is revealed that the Ricard family is also taking part in the race and are to be using a stolen Lamborghini Gallardo. Kurt Twombly and Ruth Dafella are also competing together in Kurt's 1971 Ford F-150. Reverend Jackson wishes to compete in the competition but his station wagon is stolen and stripped for parts moments before the race begins. At the starting line Kyle Robinson arrives in his tank and Chief Howard arrives in his police car. Chief Howard then asks Kyle Robinson if his tank is legal. Kyle points the gun of his tank at Chief Howard and threatens to blast him if he keeps asking questions. Right before the race starts a man calling himself Drift Racer arrives and boasts that he will win the race.

Mayor Katherine Smithington then waves the flag, starting the race. The Ricard family takes the lead in their Lamborghini with Anne-Elisabeth driving. Drift Racer starts off in second place while the team of Nick and Jerrick are in third. Kyle Robinson then starts playing dirty by using his tank to cause destruction. Kyle blasts the Ricard family's Lamborghini to smithereens using the gun of his tank. The Ricard family fortunately ejects themselves before Kyle shoots their car. Chief Howard sees Kyle destroy the Ricard family's car but doesn't interfere as he knows Kyle will shoot him too if he does. Meanwhile Kurt and Ruth are in last place. Kurt eventually kicks Ruth out of the car as he believes she is weighing the vehicle down. Surprisingly, Kurt's truck moves slower after kicking Ruth out. The engine to the old truck eventually catches on fire and Kurt is forced to abandon it.

Chief Howard, Nick and Jerrick, Kyle Robinson, and Drift Racer are now the only ones left in the race. Drift Racer is in first place and boasts that he will win once again when suddenly a sharp turn on a cliff comes up. Drift Racer attempts to drift around the sharp turn but ends up flying off the cliff. Drift Racer's Camaro flies into the ocean below and Drift Racer drowns. Nick and Jerrick then rocket in first place and the finish line can be seen. Chief Howard moves up to second place which angers Kyle Robinson. An enraged Kyle Robinson fires a missle from his tank blowing up Nick and Jerrick's car as well as Officer Howards car, appearing to kill them.

Kyle Robinson crosses the finish line but is not awarded the trophy for wining the race as he obviously cheated. Katherine then tells Kyle that she has called in the miltary to come and take him away. The episode ends with Nick, Jerrick, and Chief Howard in the hospital recovering from serious injuries.


  • The episode's title is derived from the video game series, Gran Turismo.


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