Grand Moff Tarkin

Grand Moff Tarkin on the Death Star.

Grand Moff is the official title of regional governors in the Galactic Empire. They rule over Oversectors, regions of the Universe with great importance to the Emperor. These include the Star Wars and Star Trek dimensions. Willhuff Tarkin, the Grand Moff of Scientific Oversector, was the first person appointed to the office. He is also one of the most powerful individuals in the Empire and the commander of the Death Star.

Powers and functions

Grand Moffs receive drastically increased authority, military forces, and funding as fitting their enhanced position. The position of Oversector governor is the sixth highest in the Galactic Empire after the Galactic Emperor, Supreme Commander, Grand Vizier, Imperial Ruling Council chief, Grand Admirals and Grand Generals. Technically, this made them comparable to Imperial Advisors as they both answer directly to the Emperor. While Imperial Advisors can appoint Moffs (Dimensional Governors), only the Emperor himself can appoint Grand Moffs.

Grand Moffs are personally appointed by the Emperor's will but the first of their number, Grand Moff Tarkin, was actually promoted by Ars Dangor after the submission of the Tarkin Doctrine. The Grand Moffs report directly to the Emperor and compete for his favor. The Grand Moffs are higher in authority than the Moffs, who report directly to them. They may supersede the Moff's decisions at will.

In theory, the Imperial Advisors are more prestigious than the Grand Moffs and closer to the Imperial seat of power on Coruscant. Their direct access to the Emperor, however, has given them less practical power than Grand Moffs, who wield supreme authority over their territories in a manner that brookers little opposition. This is demonstrated by the Grand Moffs' role in the Imperial Mutiny. Part of this may be because the Imperial Advisors have no military power by themselves while the Grand Moffs have their massive Oversector Fleets.

List of Oversectors

  • Scientific Oversector (Grand Moff Willhuff Tarkin)
  • Comedy Oversector (Grand Moff Ardus Kaine)
  • Animated Oversector (Grand Moff Moorlish Veed)
  • Drama Oversector (Grand Moff Anderius)
  • Criminal Oversector (Grand Moff 4-8C)
  • Game Oversector (Grand Moff Kintaro)
  • Historical Oversector (Grand Moff Willhuff Tarkin)
  • Romance Oversector (Grand Moff Zingji)
  • Numerous others

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