In the Darkness there is only one light.

|Harvard Science College|Leon and Maya are talking. (Brown for Leon, Pink for Maya) “Hey Maya can you come over here for a second” “Ok, be right over Leon.” Maya is Leon’s Assistant. Leon is a Head Professor at the Science Department of Harvard. “So Maya, which do you think I should use for the Men’s room tile.” I think that you should use the Brown. It matches your eyes 100%” “Thanks but I told you I’ve got a girl friend and I’m not allowed to date you. I’d be fired. So stop hitting on me.” “Oh come on be a fugitive you don’t have to play by the rules.” “Actually I do if I want to eat.” “Well how about this. Are you aloud to tutor me?” “Yes Yes I am but you have a degree from Yale I don’t think that you need my Tutoring.” “Well then how about you just take me home and tutor me in bed.” “No I am not allowed to do that.” “Well then fine. You have Two Minutes until class starts you sure you don’t want to tutor me right now.” “Go to your Desk Right Now Maya. I’ll talk to you latter.” Ding Ding Ding the Bell rang.

|The Museum of Natural History- 11:21 P.M.|Two Thieves are standing right on top of the Museum talking. (Yellow for Thief 1, Green for Thief 2) “You ready to rob this place.” “Yeah just let me get the plane down. You break in through the roof and shut off the Security and lights. I go in and lock the doors. You steal from the History Section, and I get the Medallion. Is that Right.” “Yes yes that is. Now here’s your gun. Let’s roll.” The Thieves broke into the Museum. One thief cut the power. The other thief locked all of the Doors. The rolled into the History section. “Ok I’m getting the Loot for over here. How’s the Medallion Coming.” “Great I got it right here. Let’s go.” The Thieves ran out of the Museum with the Guards and civilians in shambles.

|Harvard Science College- 2:15 A.M.|Leon and Maya are talking while closing up the school. “So we are all alone in an empty building and you are not going to be the one to say no to me.” “Yes Yes I am.” “Oh come on.” “No Maya I’ve got a Girl Friend.” Leon Turned around. Maya took her shirt off. “Oh come on baby just turn around and tell me what you think.” “What the Hell do you mean by turn around and tell me what you think?” “I mean well just turn around and tell me what you think.” “Fine whatever.” Leon Turned around. He saw Maya without her shirt on. He started to go down. He ripped her pants off. She took off his suite. She got him naked and he got her naked. They started to have sex……………………………………………………………………………..

|Harvard Science College- 3:02 A.M.|Leon and Maya Stopped having Sex. Leon put his close back on. “Hey Maya put your close on I’m going to finish locking up.” “Ok baby. Old ya you couldn’t say no.” Leon Left the Room and Finished Locking up. All of a sudden, “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Leon ran back to his class room. “Maya, Maya, Maya are you all right.” Gun Shots went off. “Maya!!!” Leon walked into the room and saw Maya on the Desk with Three Bullets in her Body. One in the Leg. One in the stomach and one in the arm.

|Warehouse- 3:12 A.M.|the Two Thieves walked into the Warehouse. The Warehouse was damp and wet. There was a man sitting in the back of it. “We Brought the Medallion Sir.” The man Started to speak. (Red for the Mysterious Man) “Good, Good. Time to make this world pay for what it has done to me.” The Man walked away.

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